Veterinarian reported via criminal animal abuse

Attention: the facts that will relate to the following may offend the sensibilities of our readers. Although, This is not new to trying to news about animals, Unfortunately.

Animal justice, last Tuesday 12 July, persono as particular charges in the complaint filed by Seprona against the veterinarian of the municipal kennels of Torrejón de Ardoz, for a few acts allegedly constituting an offence in the Penal Code according to the Art. 337: "The who by any means or procedure unreasonably abuse an animal home or amansado", causing death or injury which would seriously impair her health, shall be punished with imprisonment from three months to one year of imprisonment and special disqualification for one to three years for the exercise of profession, "trade or commerce that relate to the animals".

The current March, the Kennel worker notice to the veterinarian who has hired the Town Hall, that a dog had problems and could not give birth. The vet three days told him that it was normal, everything was fine. Days later, At night, the worker happened to see the dog and he saw her in very poor conditions for what I call the vet, I persono in the Kennel. Actually the dog was very bad, and the vet is not think another solution which operate in a quarter of the Kennel was not ready to be used as operating room. Two persons present proposed the veterinarian to move the animal to a clinic, they were costs, but the vet refused in resounding.

During surgery, witnesses saw the dog remained rigid but awake and emitted moans of pain. The animal was not you put even one intravenously to manage serum. Of all the puppies, only two were alive. Veterinarian leave the dog pulled in the fourth half dead and I will leave the two puppies newly born beside her. Two hours later, During his round of the local police found the two puppies very badly and the dog dying. They could move to the Cubs to a veterinary clinic, dog could do anything for the dog who died desangrada mouth.

According to Matilde Cubillo President of Animal justice "What happened that night in that room was a true carnage". To the vet you should withdraw his veterinary license. Surgery of risk to a dog in a fourth any of a kennel is inadmissible. More even when the animal was conscious and complained that he felt the pain. "All this for not having met the dog the previous days when will I inform you that he had problems at birth".

Animal justice I report the facts before Seprona that it acted quickly moving to the kennel and removing the animal's body to conduct an autopsy in the Faculty of veterinary medicine of the Complutense University. Followed the chain of custody of the animal's body until his arrival at the Faculty. Cubillo Adds "The veterinarian submitted to the bitch to terrible torture, was he aware of their suffering already that the dog I was awake and complained. This is an alleged crime of animal abuse. Is person must pay for it and we will ask for the maximum penalty that includes the justice, one year in prison. The more outrageous for us, is that this vet, call him somehow, It is still the veterinarian of the municipal kennels of the municipality. How is it possible?? how a city can pay a similar person with the money of their citizens who increasingly have more sensitivity to the animals. In a few days, the Court will deliver us the result of the autopsy, but we have several vets that stand, proving that this vet, being aware of this, I own the dog an improper medication as an anaesthetic, This medication only brought the dog a muscle paralysis, What prevented him from moving, but he was aware of everything, "suffered indescribable pain since opened you the abdomen to get puppies".

Until when?? How long we will have to read these atrocities?? It shall enter one day this country in the 21st century or we are going to continue behaving like barbarians?, without ethics or feelings? Lords, the word torture and cruelty for a long time that it should not be part of our vocabulary. It is assumed that humans must evolve.


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