Can travel with my pet in the hold of an aircraft?? Not, Thank you!

Mascotas en avión

Can travel with my pet in the hold of an aircraft?? Not, Thank you! Yes, is a task. I know.
If to my tell me that my kitten has to travel in the cargo hold, probably I fell the soul at the foot, but is what is.
Animals only may travel with us in the cabin if a number of conditions.

Otherwise, your choose: or are they going to the winery, or they do not fly.
Each company varies a bit conditions, but in general, to carry in the cabin, It must be that:

-Either a dog or a cat. The parakeets, Canaries and birds in general are not allowed in the passenger cabin, and less with the theme of influenza avian. Most airlines do not allow the transport of exotic animals.
-You must provide all the necessary documentation: international pet passport, implanted microchip and Primer of vaccinations. If the animal is less than 3 months, as still not so you can be vaccinated against rabies, You can not travel.
-The pet will have remain enclosed in a container or carrier which can be comfortable, and to be rigid and resistant to water.
-The total weight of the animal + container, ranges between 6 and 8 kg. If the total weight exceeds, It will be sent to Winery.
-You will have to pay a supplement for your friend. Between 20€ and 150€ depending on the route. If Winery, between 50€ and 200€.
-Must stay the entire trip within the container. You are not allowed to remove them from the carrier nor a single second. It is advisable to sedate them half an hour before the flight. The measures of the carrier, again dependent on the airline, but they must not exceed the 44cmx21cmx23cm.

Eye, that in some countries it is not allowed to travel with animals or in cabin, or as cargo in warehouse.
And as always, as no…la final decision that the animal can fly, is the Commander. There are never problems, But if a passenger quejase, It will be he who decides if you can fly or not.
Guide dogs, they can always fly in cockpit, regardless of weight, and without carrier. I know from experience that they are more docile and obedient animals that I have never been on a plane. They do not bother, they do not protest, they do not move and are always awaiting his master's.

Now well, If you have to go down to cabin, is supposed to be pressurized and equipped. Remember as if they were not air conditioned, the animals returned you them made ice cubes. In cruise altitude, It can reach temperatures of up to-40 °.
Even so, to be realistic, It will always make more cold in that cellar in the cabin. And van solitos…

So already know to your pets diet already!

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