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Baboons thieves Cape Town


Residents of one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Africa face a serious problem -. Hungry baboons attack not only on the street, but also stolen in the houses of the inhabitants of Cape Town. The baboons climb the steep walls of the high-rise buildings, and enter through the open windows of the apartments to get the loot.
Usually, they enter homes in search of food, but sometimes a shade or a stuffed toy may be.

The victims of these unusual criminals are limited to using paintball guns and pepper spray, as the Baboon a protected species . But, These methods only served to scare away briefly to primates, After a time hunger forces them to return back to the houses.

The photos shows a scene that was already familiar to the inhabitants of Cape Town.

Source: dymontiger.livejournal.com

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A Leopard kill to survive, and sorry for compassion

A leopard kills a monkey and when he goes to eat it he discovers his victim's baby and....
A Leopard kill to survive, and sorry for compassion [video]

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Bonobos willingly share food with strangers in exchange for company


Bonobos voluntarily share food and even renounce its own food by a stranger, but only if the receiver offers to change social interaction, according to a study published this Wednesday by Jingzhi Tan and Brian Hare, the Duke University (United States), in the magazine 'Plos One'.

In a series of experiments, the authors found that the behaviour of bonobos was at least partly driven by altruistic motivations, Since the animals helped buy food to strangers, even without the possible social interaction as a result of helping them. But, his generosity had its limits: animals do not share food in their possession if there is no social interaction possible.

Although the study subjects were all bonobos orphaned by the bushmeat trade in the Congo, showed no significant psychological differences from bonobos that had been raised by their mothers. According to the researchers, their results highlight the evolution of the generosity of these apes, the closest relatives of humans, and suggest that the behavior may have evolved to allow for expansion of the various social networks.

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7 Islands occupied by animals


Each island has its own natural ecosystem, It may be rapidly disrupted by the arrival of new species of animals. It can be fun for tourists, but it is a real disaster for the ecology. Here they are 7 wonderful islands that have changed, and broken off its natural balance.

Rabbits – Okunoshima, Japan


Photo: Flickr

Okunoshima is a small island located in the inland sea of Japan, in the city of Takehara, Hiroshima Prefecture. It is accessible by ferry from Tadanoumi and Omishima. There are sites for camping, paths and historic sites on the island. It is often called Usagi Shima (ウサギ 島 «Rabbit Island»?) It is known for the numerous wild rabbits that roam the island. His docility makes that she is closer to human beings.


Photo: Flickr


Photo: hoppingtonpost

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Best Animal Videos of 2012

The 2012 comes to an end, It is a good time to reflect and remember the most important stories of the year. So let's watch crazy, cute and fascinating videos of animals in the most unlikely situations.

Unfortunately, some of this year's animal stories left us with little to smile about.

Abuse on farms, poaching and smuggling were only some of the problems that attacked animal welfare and conservation.

In terms of domestic animals, millions of stray dogs and cats are slaughtered each year. To support conservation efforts, considera hacer una pequeña donación para el Fondo Mundial para la Naturaleza aquí.

You can also visit the website of ASPCA or Petfinder.com for more information about how to help pets needing a home.

Videos Animals 2012

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50 drunken elephants destroyed a village in the India

Animals crazed by the alcohol left three destroyed houses and trampled crops

Dumurkota, an Indian village, He suffered an attack of a herd of elephants who arrived in search of alcohol after having drunk already almost 500 litres.

Animals, that at first they were looking for food and had approached the tea and rice plantations, they suddenly felt the smell of alcohol that came from a store. attracted by the scent, elephants ransacked the premises and was drank 18 barrels of liquor. The effect was devastating. The crazed elephants entered Dumurkota and destroyed at least three homes trying to get more alcohol. It also, they trampled the plantations of local farmers. Police officers who arrived to calm the animals and return them to their herd reported that the elephants were just part of a large community whose migration route passed near Dumurkota..

Seen: actualidad.RT

Photo: AFP / Diptendu Dutta

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Gandalf, great gray owl, who was afraid to fly

An owl that is afraid to fly in wide open spaces, feel safe in your own House of red brick.

A Gandalf, great gray owl, you afraid of flying in bad weather by what their owners have built his Aviary inside a brick shed. Now Gandalf spends his days looking at the world through the window. «Es un poco cobarde su actitud de no querer volar en grandes espacios abiertos», said its owner. Agoraphobia?

Photography: Mark Bridger / Rex Features

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A Nile crocodile tries to snatch the prey a group of lionesses

This is the moment a three meter long crocodile crawled out of a river and tried to steal prey from some very angry lionesses.

The audacious crocodile of the Nile – known by the locals as Fred – risked becoming prey by approaching two fearsome adult females feeding alongside their young.

But as we watch the video and images we see a brave Fred who was undeterred as he tried his luck to steal an impala that the lionesses had just killed..

Absorbed in their food, it took the big cats a few minutes to realize Fred was coming towards them and at one point he looks like he's going to succeed as he opens his massive jaws.

The Lion Cubs worked with caution to avoid become themselves in a tasty meal for the crocodile.

At the end it seems that Fred has managed to snatch a leg of the Impala.


Lioness vs Crocodile in the Shishangeni Concession

Photography: OLI DREIKE