Pet frogs

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A frog It's a small animal. If you want to have one or more frogs at home on the floor, you must make sure they are properly hosted.

  • First of all, needs a terrarium big enough. The terrarium must also be prepared appropriately for the species. Frogs need hiding places, puddles or water, UVA and UVB lighting, an air conditioning system and a ventilation system.
  • Make sure you get the right food for the species of frog what do you want to keep. Buy frogs from a pet store or reputable frog supplier.
  • The frogs can or should be kept in pairs or smaller groups. With good care, will also reproduce. Tadpoles need special attention to develop successfully.
  • Keep in mind that the terrarium and the equipment need electricity all the time. So don't be surprised if the next electricity bill is higher..

Frog species that are also suitable for beginners

The frogs easy-care they are especially recommended for beginners. In this way, you can grow up on the frog theme.

  • These may include, you can have one poisonous frog. In captivity, often does not even develop its venom or regresses. However, you should only touch it with rubber gloves.
  • In addition to the poison frogs, the Tree frogs they are also suitable as pets for beginners. They are easy to raise and care for, especially when it comes to feeding frogs.
  • If you prefer to observe the frogs on freedom, you can also create a garden pond. If the pond is accepted by frogs and conquered as habitat, you will be able to observe frogs in their natural habitat. The ambient temperature outside must always be taken into account.

List of frogs to be kept in captivity

1 African clawed frog and Common Surinam toad

Xenopus laevis

The African clawed frog was bred for decades to perform pregnancy tests and thus spread throughout the world.

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2 Banded bullfrog

Rana globo de Malasia

This curious terrestrial frog comes from Southeast Asia, from wetlands, what we will take into account to install the terrarium.

balloon frog

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3 Poison dart frog

Rana punta de flecha

All climbing frogs are subject to species protection legislation and require confirmation of origin.

Oophaga pumilio (previously

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4 Green puddle frog

Rana verde del charco

The Green puddle frog It is a nice guest for the aquaterrarium and very easy to maintain..

Green puddle frog in

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5 Tree frogs

Rana arbolícola

The tree frog has a slightly toxic skin discharge that can cause irritation when it comes in contact with human skin.


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6 South American horned frogs

Escuerzo común

The South American horned frogs They are originally from South America., but now they are bred in many color varieties.

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7 Colorado River toad

Sapo del desierto de Sonora

The Colorado River toad reaches dimensions to take into account when housing in the terrarium. Very animal

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8 Oriental fire-bellied toad

Bombina orientalis

The Oriental fire-bellied toad (Bombina orientalis), attractive colors, It is one of the most common amphibian species.. Your area of

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9 True toad and Narrow-mouthed frogs

Sapo asiático común

some species (for example, the Phrynomantis and more toads) can produce a poisonous skin discharge and should never be handled with bare hands.

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