Band of chimps kill their alpha male

Aldin injured1

The leader of a group of wild chimpanzees was recently attacked by four of his subordinates, those who joined forces to win a battle to death. It is rare that chimps kill their alpha male – This event offers a rare view of the structure of the group in our closest relatives.

Aldin injured2

As of the year 2007, PIMU proclaimed alpha male of a group of chimpanzees who live near Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania. His Government had a violent end in October of the 2011 – the moment was captured on video. Stefano Kaburu from the University of Kent at Canterbury, United Kingdom, and his colleagues investigated the incident and conducted an autopsy the body of Pimu (American Journal of Primatology ,

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Pygmy elephant breeding tries desperately to wake his mother poisoned

A three-month-old elephant breeding, attempts to awaken his mother, one of the ten dwarf elephants found dead in Sabah  (Malaysia)
A three-month-old elephant breeding, attempts to awaken his mother, one of the ten dwarf elephants found dead in Sabah (Malaysia)
  • A total of ten of the creatures have been discovered in the forest reserve rare Gunung, Borneo, during the last three weeks
  • Conservation officials believe that endangered animals had been poisoned
  • It is estimated that less than 1.500 Borneo Pygmy elephants in existence

A baby Pygmy elephant tries in vain to wake his mother, one of ten elephants endangered species found dead in a forest in Malaysia.
Experts believe that the rare Pygmy elephant, whose bodies were found in the forest reserve of Gunung rare in the State of Sabah, Borneo, they had been poisoned.
Wildlife officials rescued this three-month-old elephant breeding, She was found pasted next to his mother dead in the jungle.

Seven females and three males elephants, all from the same family group, found dead in the past three weeks.

The Minister of environment Sabah Masidi Manjun said the cause of death appears to be poisoning, but it was not clear whether the animals had been deliberately killed.
It is believed that there are less than 1.500 Pygmy elephants of Borneo in freedom.
Many of them have been killed for their tusks in recent years.

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They decimate the las nieves in Pakistan Leopard

The Snow Leopard is a threatened species in Pakistan. This seen so little feline population decreased to less than 450 copies throughout the country, mainly due to hunting. An expert made an unconventional proposal- and controversial- to save the Snow Leopard: classify it as a domesticated animal.

That does not mean that the snow leopards are literally tame, like a chicken, Shafqat Hussain explained, a browser of National Geographic stated during the Symposium of explorers of the Organization held in Washington in June: "When you say that the snow leopards are like cats", "I say this rhetorically to contrast with the wild word".

The idea comes from the changing relationship between the Leopard and the man. When the cats remain in the Himalayas, increasingly they share their habitat with the mountain shepherds. In 2010 a study of Snow Leopard droppings was made and was determined that until the 70 percent of the diet of this species in the province of Gilgit Baltistan was based on sheep, cattle and other domestic animals. Some pastors hunt snow leopards in retaliation for the killing of livestock.

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