Amphibians and reptiles as pets

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The reptiles and amphibians are terrarium animals particularly popular.

In this list we show some of them. We will always have to take into account the species protection legislation of each country and always avoid the acquisition of species captured in their wild habitat in favor of species bred in captivity..

1 Agamid Lizards

Lagarto de fuego

Red-headed rock agama – Jason Pratt, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Agamid Lizards are found in Europe, Africa, Asia

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2 Axolotl

Ajolote mexicano

The Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum), member of the family of caudados, found exclusively in a few high-altitude Mexican lakes,

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3 Turtle feeding

Tortugas en cautividad

The Turtles they can be carnivorous, omnivorous or herbivorous and there are some species that change their diet as they grow and tend to go from

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4 Feeding the lizards

Varano de la sabana

The lizards they feed mainly on living beings, usually from invertebrates. But this pattern does not work for all lizards. Some are always

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5 Feeding reptiles

Lagarto comiendo

Each species of reptile has specific feeding requirements manifested in digestive and metabolic adaptations, that define water requirements, calories

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6 Green anole

Anolis verde

Very nice tree lizard also called American chameleon, due to the ability to change color depending on the environment.

Anolis carolinensis,

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7 Amazon tree boa

Boa arborícola amazónica

The Amazon tree boa it is a popular pet with snake fanciers and is a fairly common export in the snake trade.

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8 Boa imperator

Boa común

The Boa imperator is twilight and nocturnal. During the day it hides in caves, hollow trees or other shelters and only comes out to take

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9 Boa constrictor

Boa constrictora

In some countries, the possession of the Boa constrictor is regulated by the regulations on the possession of so-called “potentially dangerous animals”

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10 New Guinea ground boa

Boa terrestre de Nueva Guinea

The New Guinea ground boa it is mainly nocturnal and moves on the ground and is only occasionally found in trees.

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11 Carpet chameleon

Camaleón de alfombra

The Carpet chameleon, formerly known as Chamaeleo lateralis, is a beautiful species in high demand for the pet trade.

Furcifer lateralis,

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12 Von Höhnel's chameleon

Camaleón de casco

The Von Höhnel's chameleon (Trioceros hoehnelii) is a high-altitude species that ascends to more than 3.000 m on Mount Elgon.

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13 Four-horned chameleon

Camaleón de cuatro cuernos

The Four-horned chameleon, also known as Cameroon bearded chameleon, it is recognizable not only by its four protruding horns, but also for

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14 Montane side-striped chameleon

Camaleón de Eliot

The Montane side-striped chameleon (Trioceros ellioti) has a soft personality. Although no chameleon should be considered a pet to be kept and interacted with

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15 Fischer's chameleon

Camaleón de Fischer

If a «Fischer's chameleon» in a pet store or elsewhere, it's not uncommon to know

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16 Jackson's chameleon

Camaleón de Jackson

The Jackson's chameleon is diurnal and displays food-seeking behavior with few movements per minute and a speed of locomotion

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17 Meller's chameleon

Camaleón de Meller

The Meller's chameleon It is the largest chameleon on the African continent., large males usually reach 61 cm length

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18 Senegal chameleon

Camaleón de Senegal
The Senegal chameleon comes from West Africa and requires special care, as it is quite fragile.

Chamaeleo senegalensis in Acacia

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19 Veiled chameleon

Camaleón de Yemen

Depending on local origin, males of Veiled chameleon reach a length of 35 to 60 centimeters, the females of 20 to 45

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20 Malagasy giant chameleon

Camaleón gigante de Madagascar

The Malagasy giant chameleon is considered the longest chameleon in the world (although exceptionally longer adults such as the ... Read more

21 Panther chameleon

Camaleón pantera

The most fascinating feature that has the Panther chameleon is its extraordinarily vibrant coloration.

Panther chameleon – David.Monniaux, CC BY-SA

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22 Brygoo's chameleon

The Brygoo's chameleon it is a small to medium sized chameleon, earthy brown to blend in with leaf litter.

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23 Chameleons

Camaleón pantera

Chameleons are the artists of the transformation of the animal kingdom: Depending on your state of mind, may change color and shape.

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24 Common chuckwalla

Chacahuala del Noroeste

The Common chuckwalla found in deserts, where the air is warm and dry (of 9 to 45 degrees Celsius).

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25 Egyptian spiny-tailed lizard

Cola espinosa egipcia

The Egyptian spiny-tailed lizard It is the largest species of Spiny-tailed lizards

Egyptian spiny-tailed lizard –

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26 Ocellated spinytail

Cola espinos ocelada

The Ocellated spinytail is native to northeastern Africa, where it can be found in southern Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia (near

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27 Ornate mastigure

Cola espinosa ornamentada

The Ornate mastigure (Uromastyx ornata) is included in the Appendix 2 of the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species

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28 African house snake

Culebra de casa africana

The African house snake inhabits arid areas near the Atlantic coast, plains with formations of euphorbias and other bushes.


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29 Painted bronzeback

Culebra de dorso de bronce pintado

The Painted bronzeback It is the most common type of snakes of the genus Dendrelaphis. Active during the day, usually wanders

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30 Checkered garter snake

Culebra listonada manchada

This species has a calm character. When the Checkered garter snake feels threatened, usually flees.

(Thamnophis marcianus marcianus) from Hidalgo County,

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31 Oriental garden lizard

Dragón arborícola chupasangre

Although the Oriental garden lizard can be found relatively frequently and at a fairly low price in the trade, it's not easy to

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32 Bearded dragons

Dragón barbudo

At present they are known 8 species bearded dragons (Drive), of which two species are commonly bred in captivity: The

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33 Mountain horned dragon

Acanthosaura capra

The Mountain horned dragon is a beautiful lizard that is also called asian chameleon, due to their color changes and customs

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34 Chinese water dragon

Dragón de agua chino

The Chinese water dragon the green (Physignathus cocincinus) lives in the rainforests of Southeast Asia, preferably near masses of

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35 Green striped tree dragon

Dragón de Montaña

The Green striped tree dragon is shy in nature and tends to panic. This can be counteracted with a good structure in

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36 Skinks

Pez de Arena

The lizards resembling Skinks first appear in the fossil record about 140 millions of years, during the early Cretaceous ,

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37 African five-lined skink

Escinco arcoíris

Nice small lizard of the family of the escindidos. As you can see, full of the stripes that give it its name.

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38 Bronze grass skink

Escinco brillante de Indonesia

Beautiful skink from Indonesia with a robust appearance and with colors that make it look metallic. Maintenance is exactly the same as

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39 Red-eyed crocodile skink

Escinco cocodrilo

Precious and very rare Indonesian lizard that nowadays is very difficult to find. It likes humid places so

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40 Indonesian blue-tongued skink

Escinco de lengua azul

awesome lizards. This species is one of the best to keep as it is one of the calmest and most manageable. very easy animals,

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41 Common blue-tongued skink

Escinco de lengua azul común

Its coloration ranges from gray to brown with perpendicular dark bands. reaches 60 cm in length and its is a species

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42 Pink-tongued skink

Escinco de lengua rosa

The Pink-tongued skink it is a forest animal so in the terrarium we will put some humidity. very easy maintenance.

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43 Peters's banded skink

Very rare and very little seen niger skink. It is an animal of terrestrial customs and dry areas, desert

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44 East Indian brown mabuya

Escinco multirayado

Another species of this genus so docile and friendly from Southeast Asia. They are just as easy to maintain as the others. It suits

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45 Schneider's skink

Escinco naranja del Magreb

The great skink North Africa and one of the most beautiful we can find, since the orange colors that

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46 Nelson's milksnake

Falsa coral de Honduras

The Nelson's milksnake (Lampropeltis triangulum nelsoni) it is a small to medium sized snake, with a length of 91-152 centimeters.

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47 Oaxacan spinytail iguana

Garrobo enano de cola de garrote

As to the nature, the Oaxacan spinytail iguana is relatively tame, eats from the hand and does not get scared when you put

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48 Electric blue gecko

Gecko azul eléctrico

The trade of Electric blue gecko is now banned in the EU. They cannot be kept or sold in the EU without documentation and

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49 Crested gecko

Gecko crestado

The “Crested gecko” in captivity it is docile and tolerates regular handling – Jazium, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia

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50 Rough-tailed gecko

Gecko de cola áspera

The Rough-tailed gecko needs a dry sandy terrarium with shelter and a small log to climb on or under.


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51 Thick-tailed gecko

Gecko de cola gruesa

The Thick-tailed gecko have the nickname of “Barking Gecko” because they can make the corresponding sounds. If they feel upset, can complain in

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52 Madagascar day gecko

Gecko diurno de Madagascar

Thanks to the special adhesive foils on your fingers, the Madagascar day gecko not only moves on the smoothest surfaces, but

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53 Gold dust day gecko

Gecko diurno dorado

The Gold dust day gecko is commonly known as the mascot of GEICO Insurance, and also the main character of the series

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54 Golden gecko

Gecko dorado

The Golden gecko golden yellow in color is a splendid host of the terrarium, since they are very easy to maintain and are also completely

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55 Dwarf yellow-headed gecko

Gecko enano de cabeza amarilla

The Dwarf yellow-headed gecko is widely traded in the exotic animal trade.

One “Dwarf yellow-headed gecko”. Lygodactylus

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56 Cameroon dwarf gecko

Gecko enano de Conrau
Extraordinary arboreal dwarf lizard that will soon replace those already only very rarely seen in terrariums Blue Gecko

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57 Cat gecko

Gecko gato arboricola
The Cat gecko is an elegant gecko highly sought after by gecko collectors. It's relatively easy to create, but it can be difficult

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58 Leopard gecko

Gecko leopardo

The Leopard gecko they are peaceful and friendly creatures. They can be kept individually, as a couple or in a group without any problem.

Leopard gecko – ... Read more

59 Common wonder gecko

Gecko maravilla común

The Common wonder gecko it inhabits the ground in deserts and semi-deserts with sparse vegetation. High daytime and low nighttime temperatures.


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60 Lined gecko

Gecko rayado

Gecko arborícola big size and nice design. This type of gecko also has the advantage of being totally docile at the time

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61 Marbled gecko

Gecko veteado

Very nice asian gecko, with a splendid contrast of colors in its range of grays, black and white. It is an animal that like the

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62 Geckos – A fascinating lizard

Gekko gecko

Gekko gecko – Robert Michniewicz, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Geckos – a brief profile

The Geckos are, without a doubt,

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63 Blue iguana

Iguana azul

The Blue iguana (Cyclura lewisi) came to have only between 10 and 25 specimens in the wild.

Grand Cayman blue iguana

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64 Lau banded iguana

Iguana bandeada de Fiyi

The Lau banded iguana is considered a national treasure by the government of this country, and his image has appeared on stamps of

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65 Cuban iguana

Iguana cubana

As the largest member of its kind, the Cuban iguana (Cyclura nubila) reaches a total length of 150 cm and a head-torso length of

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66 Angel Island chuckwalla

Iguana espinosa

The Angel Island chuckwalla it is the second largest species of the genus Sauromalus (chuckwallas), reaching 44 cm of body length and 64 cm length

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67 Western spiny-tailed iguana

Iguana negra

The Western spiny-tailed iguana (Ctenosaura pectinata) It is one of the largest members of the Spinytail iguanas (Ctenosaura) and can reach a length

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68 Black iguana

Iguana rayada

The Black iguana it is a large and bulky lizard, and adult males reach 45 cm long with a tail of 30

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69 Rhinoceros iguana

Iguana rinoceronte

The Rhinoceros iguana (Cyclura cornuta) It is one of the most requested pets by iguana keepers., but due to its size and

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70 Green iguana

Iguana verde

The Green iguana is a large reptile with a powerful body that can reach a length of almost two meters.

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71 Pet Iguanas

Iguana bandeada de Fiyi

Lau banded iguana (Brachylophus fasciatus) – H. Zell, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Due to its requirements

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72 North African mastigure

Lagarto de cola espinosa del norte de África

The North African mastigure It is one of the most representative reptiles of the Sahara desert. It is medium in size:

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73 Saharan spiny-tailed lizard

Lagarto de cola espinosa del Sahara

The Saharan spiny-tailed lizard it is a relatively small and slender species for the genus, with an average total length (including the

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74 Red-headed rock agama

Lagarto de fuego

The Red-headed rock agama (Agama agama) It is one of the most colored lizards that we can find, since even the females are quite colorful. Son

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75 Sudan plated lizard

Lagarto plateado gigante

How they are easily domesticated and relatively easy to maintain, the Sudan plated lizard is a very popular terrarium animal.


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76 Spiny-tailed lizards

Cola espinosa ocelada

The Spiny-tailed lizards They have perfectly adapted to their natural habitat and the conditions that prevail there, such as heat and

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77 Green tree python

Pitón arborícola verde

The Green tree python has two different poses, depending on whether you are resting or hunting. In the resting position, the body of the snake is

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78 Indian python

Pitón de la India

The Indian python it is the dream snake for many terrarium keepers. His attractive appearance, its imposing size and its temperament, generally

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79 Ball python

Pitón real

At birth, the Ball python measured between 25 and 43 centimeters in length and grows up to 1 or 1,5 meters in adulthood.

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80 Reticulated python

Pitón reticulada

The great demand for exotic animals has grown, what makes the Reticulated python be caught in the pet market to be

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81 African clawed frog and Common Surinam toad

Xenopus laevis

The African clawed frog was bred for decades to perform pregnancy tests and thus spread throughout the world.

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82 Banded bullfrog

Rana globo de Malasia

This curious terrestrial frog comes from Southeast Asia, from wetlands, what we will take into account to install the terrarium.

balloon frog

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83 Poison dart frog

Rana punta de flecha

All climbing frogs are subject to species protection legislation and require confirmation of origin.

Oophaga pumilio (previously

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84 Green puddle frog

Rana verde del charco

The Green puddle frog It is a nice guest for the aquaterrarium and very easy to maintain..

Green puddle frog in

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85 Tree frogs

Rana arbolícola

The tree frog has a slightly toxic skin discharge that can cause irritation when it comes in contact with human skin.


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86 South American horned frogs

Escuerzo común

The South American horned frogs They are originally from South America., but now they are bred in many color varieties.

Common foreshortening (Ceratophrys ornata) – ... Read more

87 Mediterranean house gecko

Salamanquesa rosada

The Mediterranean house gecko is active at sunset and at night. It only activates sporadically during the day, especially when it is sunny in the

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88 Colorado River toad

Sapo del desierto de Sonora

The Colorado River toad reaches dimensions to take into account when housing in the terrarium. Very animal

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89 Oriental fire-bellied toad

Bombina orientalis

The Oriental fire-bellied toad (Bombina orientalis), attractive colors, It is one of the most common amphibian species.. Your area of

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90 True toad and Narrow-mouthed frogs

Sapo asiático común

some species (for example, the Phrynomantis and more toads) can produce a poisonous skin discharge and should never be handled with bare hands.

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91 Rice paddy snake

Serpiente acuática de vientre amarillo

The Rice paddy snake, mostly nocturnal, comes out at night to hunt fish and amphibians.

aquatic snake

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92 Puff-faced water snake

Serpiente acuática enmascarada

The Puff-faced water snake inhabits freshwater bodies, like swamps, forest ponds and streams.

Homalopsis buccata of East Kalimantan –

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93 Keeled slug-eating snake

Serpiente comedora de babosas

The Keeled slug-eating snake is a predominantly lowland resident. It is rarely found near human settlements and areas of

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94 Egg-eating snake

Serpiente comedora de huevos común

This is the famous Egg-eating snake. We are probably facing the easiest snake to feed there is, From a visual point of view

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95 Striped house snake

Serpiente de casa rayada

the care of the Striped house snake in a terrarium it is quite simple, since it does not pose special requirements in terms of levels

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96 Diadem snake

Serpiente de Diadema

Quite large, reaching some 150-200 cm length. the head of the Diadem snake is elongated, slightly triangular and clearly separated from the neck.

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97 Honduran milk snake

Serpiente de leche hondureña

The name of Honduran milk snake has its origin in the erroneous belief that they drank milk from the udders of cows,

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98 Arboreal ratsnake

Gonyosoma oxycephalum

The Arboreal ratsnake it is diurnal and lives exclusively in the trees of the tropical forest, especially near bodies of water

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99 Corn snake

Serpiente del maíz

The Corn snake also known as Red rat snake. The common name of “Corn snake” has its origin

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100 Sri Lankan green vine snake

Serpiente liana verde

The Sri Lankan green vine snake diurnal inhabits trees and shrubs on farmland and in forests. They feed on frogs, lizards and

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101 Oriental wolf snake

Serpiente lobo oriental

Although the Oriental wolf snake it is poisonous, this poison is relatively mild. Even when they bite humans, the impact is usually not harmful.

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102 Sunbeam snake

Serpiente rayo de sol

The Sunbeam snake They are constrictors and kill their prey by suffocating them in their muscular coils..

This close-up clearly shows

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103 Eastern kingsnake

Serpiente real de California

Primary habitat varies by subspecies. The Eastern kingsnake can be found in forests, Meadows, deserts and urban areas.

oven “Snake

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104 Golden tree snake

Chrysopelea ornata

The Golden tree snake is accustomed by nature to tree life (on the floor) in tropical jungles.

Golden Snake (Chrysopelea ornata

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105 African forest turtle

Tortuga africana del bosque

The African forest turtle not exactly a colorful turtle. But with its hinge on the abdominal shell, which allows it to fold up

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106 Common musk turtle

Tortuga almizclada

The Common musk turtle owes its name musk (colloquially stinky) to their musk glands, with whose help it can secrete a strongly odorous secretion to drive away

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107 Razor-backed musk turtle

Tortuga almizclera

Like all species of the genus Sternotherus, the Razor-backed musk turtle it is a very aquatic species that rarely comes out of the water to drink

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108 Chinese softshell turtle

Tortuga china de caparazón blando

The Chinese softshell turtle it is completely different from all other turtles, if only for the soft shell.


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109 Chinese stripe-necked turtle

Tortuga china de cuello rayado

To the Chinese stripe-necked turtle he likes sunbathing. It is quite a resistant species., peaceful and good swimmer. No hibernation.

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110 Red-bellied short-necked turtle

Tortuga de cuello corto

Are you looking for an active and colorful turtle that does not need to spend the winter? So, the Red-bellied short-necked turtle is ideal for you!

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111 African helmeted turtle

Tortuga de escudo africana

The African helmeted turtle is very popular among turtle fans. Animals live in both water and

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112 African spurred tortoise

Tortuga de espolones africana

The African spurred tortoise It is the third largest tortoise after the Galápagos giant tortoise and ... Read more

113 Eastern mud turtle

Tortuga de pantano común

The Eastern mud turtle uses tactile senses and vision when searching for food. They use vision to search for their prey and

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114 Striped mud turtle

The Striped mud turtle inhabits stagnant and slow-flowing waters of all kinds, including temporary.

Kinosternon baurii in the

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115 Spot-legged wood turtle

tortuga de patas moteadas

The Spot-legged wood turtle it is a semi-aquatic species. Lives most of the time in swamps, coastal streams and marshes.


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116 Florida red-bellied cooter

Tortuga de vientre rojo de Florida

The Florida red-bellied cooter only suitable for keeping in a pond in summer. Since this tortoise does not hibernate with the

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117 West African mud turtle

Tortuga del barro de África Occidental

The West African mud turtle it is extremely adaptable and can be found in all types of waters. Pools, ponds, lakes, rivers…

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118 Rio Grande cooter

Tortuga del Río Grande

The Rio Grande cooter it is a medium to large sized aquatic turtle with pronounced sexual dimorphism in body size

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119 Painted wood turtle

Tortuga Dragon

The Painted wood turtle it is a very striking turtle thanks to its colors and therefore it is easy to find it as a pet.

Turtle, Rhinoclemmys

... Read more

120 Scorpion mud turtle

Tortuga de barro escorpión

The Scorpion mud turtle is a Kinosternidae (mud turtle) medium to large in size with an oval shell (top shell) with a length of

... Read more

121 False map turtle

Tortuga falso mapa

The False map turtle is a strong swimmer and prefers rivers and large streams with moderate currents.

False map turtle

... Read more

122 Toadhead turtle

Galápago hediondo
The Toadhead turtle It is a shy species with nocturnal and aquatic habits that prefers the bottom of bodies of water.. These turtles change

... Read more

123 Leopard tortoise

Tortuga leopardo

The Leopard tortoise it is a magnificent representative of African tortoises in terms of shell. Young animals in particular have a pattern of

... Read more

124 Mississippi map turtle

Tortuga Mapa del Mississipi

The Mississippi map turtle it is a popular pet among aquarists and is very pleasant to watch.

Mississippi map turtle

... Read more

125 Marginated tortoise

Tortuga marginada

The Marginated tortoise You can live up 100 years. This should be taken into account when buying a young animal. It is advisable to think about inheritance

... Read more

126 Hermann's tortoise

Tortuga mediterranea

The Hermann's tortoise You can live up 70 years. This should be taken into account when buying a young animal: who will stay with my animal

... Read more

127 Greek tortoise

Tortuga mora

The Greek tortoise You can live up 80 years. This should be taken into account when buying a young animal. So, it is advisable to think

... Read more

128 New Guinea snapping turtle

Tortuga mordedora de Nueva Guinea

Like other freshwater turtles, the New Guinea snapping turtle alternate periods in the water with time to take the

... Read more

129 Nicaraguan slider

Tortuga nicaragüense

The Nicaraguan slider lives in all kinds of watercourses: lazy rivers, lakes, swamps, ponds, voice,… They adapt to almost any aquatic environment,

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130 Russian tortoise

Tortuga rusa

The Russian tortoise (Testudo horsfieldii) during very hot summers, they burrow to spend a period of summer dormancy. In countries where

... Read more

131 Red-footed tortoise

Tortuga terrestre de patas rojas

The Red-footed tortoise impresses with bright yellowish or red markings on the shell. Unlike the other turtles, needs a lot

... Read more

132 Gold-ringed cat snake – Mangrove snake


The toxin of the Mangrove snake, call denmotoxina, it is especially useful for hunting its main prey, birds.

Gold-ringed cat snake – ... Read more

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