Classification of dog breeds according to the FCI

The FCI ⓘ (Federation Cynologique Internationale) recognize 337 races and each is 'owned' by a specific country. The countries 'owners' of these breeds set the breed standard (detailed description of the ideal breed type) - in collaboration with the FCI Scientific and Standards Commissions - whose translation and updating is carried out by the FCI.

Complete guide to dog breeds: FCI classification

Group 1: Shepherd Dog and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs)

Section 1: Sheepdogs
Section 2: Dogs Boyeros (except Swiss boyeros)

Group 2: Pinscher and Schnauzer Dogs - Molossoids - Swiss Mountain Dogs and Cattlemen

Section 1: Tipo Pinscher y Schnauzer
Section 2: Molossoid
Section 3: Swiss Mountain and Cattledogs

Group 3: Terriers

Section 1: Large and medium sized Terriers
Section 2: Small sized Terriers
Section 3: Bull type Terriers
Section 4: Toy Terriers

Group 4: Dachshunds

Section 1: Dachshunds

Group 5: Spitz and Primitive Type Dogs

Section 1: Nordic Sledge Dogs
Section 2: Nordic hunting dogs
Section 3: Nordic guard and herding dogs
Section 4: European Spitz
Section 5: Asian Spitz and similar breeds
Section 6: Primitive type
Section 7: Primitive type - hunting dogs
Section 8: Primitive type hunting dogs with a crest on the back

Group 6: Hound Dogs, Trail Dogs and Similar Breeds

Section 1: Hound type dogs
Section 2: Trail dogs
Section 3: Similar breeds

Group 7: Sample Dogs

Section 1: Continental show dogs
Section 2: english and irish show dogs

Group 8: Hunting Dogs - Hunting Dogs - Water Dogs

Section 1: Bailiffs of hunting dogs
Section 2: Flushing Dogs
Section 3: Water dogs

Group 9: Companion Dogs

Section 1: Bichones and related breeds
Section 2: Poodle
Section 3: Belgian small dogs
Section 4: Hairless dogs
Section 5: Tibetan dogs
Section 6: Chihuahueño
Section 7: English Spaniel for company
Section 8: Japanese and Pekingese Spaniels
Section 9: Companion Dwarf Continental Spaniel
Section 10: Kromfohrländer
Section 11: Molosoides small

Group 10: Lebreles

Section 1: Sighthound long or wavy hair
Section 2: Hardhaired hares
Section 3: Short-haired greyhounds

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