Gatos Colorpoint

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The term Colourpoint refers to a coat pattern in cats in which the limbs (face, ears, underside of legs and tip of tail) are darker than the rest of the body. But, not limited to felines, as it is also found in some other mammals, like gerbils and rabbits.

The cats Colourpoint have several notable features:

  • are born with a smooth or very light coat;
  • they are cats with blue eyes, even as adults;
  • tend to darken over the years;
  • may temporarily change color in certain situations.

There are about ten breeds of cats that are Colourpoint: this is the case of a good number of type cats Siamese (what is not surprising, since the Siamese are Colourpoint), but also some others.

1 Balinese cat


The Balinese cat can boast of having among his close relatives the famous Siamese cat.


It is important to

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2 Colorpoint shorthair cat


Fawn Point is a rare Siamese point. Only the traditional Cat Association recognizes it as an official color. – Photo

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3 Himalayan cat


The Himalayan cat it is an extremely sweet pet, playful and gentle that can be adapted to practically any type of home.



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4 Mekong Bobtail cat


The Mekong Bobtail cat still a rare breed of cat, since at the beginning of the decade of 2010 its population barely

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5 Modern Siamese cat

Siamés moderno

With a history of several centuries, the Modern Siamese cat began to be recognized by national and international official organizations in the years

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6 Neva Masquerade cat

Neva Masquerade

The Neva Masquerade cat it's the traditional cat Colorpoint of the Siberian cat. The Neva Masquerade has

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7 Sacred Cat of Burma (Birman)

Birmano de pies blancos


Coexistence is important that you have with your new friend. Before considering the acquisition of a cat of

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8 Seychellois cat

Gato Seychellois

The Seychellois cat still a very confidential breed around the world, and is mainly found in the UK and Europe

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9 Snowshoe cat



Coexistence is important that you have with your new friend. Before considering purchasing a cat

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10 Thai cat ( Wichien Maat)


With a more robust silhouette than that of the Modern Siamese cat, the Thai cat ( Wichien Maat) It is distinguished above all by

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Cat breeds that can be Colourpoint

If the pattern Colourpoint it is systematic and even emblematic in certain breeds, can also be found in other.

Here are some examples of cat breeds whose representatives can have a coat Colourpoint, even though is not always like that: in some races they are the majority, while in others they are a minority.

The Gatos Colourpoint have a number of unique features, such as color change over the years or with temperature. Although theoretically there are many possible combinations, many have brown or red tips on a cream body, since they are the combinations that offer a more striking contrast.

In any case, the fact that they inevitably have blue eyes (even as adults) also contributes to the popularity of Gatos Colourpoint.

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