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1 Canary


Canary. Popular cage bird.

Welcome to our blog about the fascinating world of canaries! On this occasion, we will delve into the

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2 Ibis: a sacred and ugly but very “clean” Egyptian bird

ibis eremita

It was considered a beneficent ave, capable of devouring poisonous snakes that terrorized the population, and this is the reason

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3 Red-crested Cardinal

Cardenal de copete rojo

It is a beautiful bird colors is appreciated for its beauty and singing, if we want it to be

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4 A Kiwi


Kiwis are shy, nocturnal creatures with a highly developed sense of smell thanks to the existence of real whiskers on their backs.

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5 Eurasian bullfinch


Its coloration is unmistakable: While the female has more muted colors, the male looks reddish plumage in the chest. I don't know

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6 European greenfinch


The plumage of the European greenfinch It is a striking green, more intense in the breeding season, with the sides of the

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7 Red avadavat

bengali comun

The species is native to Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Egypt, India, Indonesian, Burma, Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand and Viet Nam.
There are established populations in

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8 Red siskin


Those who come to achieve Red siskin It seems that they are satisfied with the sole idea of ​​obtaining from him

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9 Red-billed leiothrix

Ruiseñor del Japón


The Red-billed leiothrix It is in Japan, from China. They live in the wild in the mountainous regions of southeastern

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10 Red-cheeked Cordonbleu

Azulito de Senegal

Bluebirds from Senegal are from Equatorial Africa and East Africa. Live in pairs or in groups of a few

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11 White-cheeked turaco

Tauraco leucotis


This striking bird is native to Africa (area of Ethiopia) and reaches a size of 42 to 43 cm..

It has bright green feathers,

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