How do I know if my pet feeding well?

As well as having a dog or cat has benefits for us and our home, It is also a responsibility we must assume. A pet is a member of the family and as such, He deserves to have good health and lots of love.

Within the health of a pet, food plays a vital role, as it should be balanced and adapted to each particular animal, giving you the nutrition you need. Below, you will see how to choose the ideal food for your pet and signals that can denote a poor diet.

Tips to adequate food

Among the possibilities to feed your pet, are home and industrial food options, wet food or feed. The diet you choose for your pet depends on you, but it is better if you consult a professional to make sure you choose the best option for that particular dog or cat.

One of the meals is chosen feed, because it is a very practical and affordable food and you can find a great deal on the market. This food should suit race, size and age of your pet to provide all the necessary nutrients in a personalized diet for the animal.

The best in these cases is to opt for good quality meals as you make sure they contain many nutrients and low in fat, something beneficial for your pet. You can choose the Acana feed for dogs that different types of pet and adapts specific needs.

After having found the right food for your pet, be sure to feed at least twice a day and always in the same place, to form a routine. On the other hand, you must leave plenty of fresh, clean water available during the day, since hydration is very important for good health of the animal.

Signs denoting a poor diet

In addition to carefully choose food for your dog or cat, there are other signs that may indicate whether your pet nutrition is still right. There are various details of the overall health of your animal you can look carefully to prevent illness and achieve having a great health.

One of the simplest ways to see if the pet is being well fed is by weight, if you are too fat or too thin, It can be a bad sign. Animal obesity is increasingly common, mainly caused by poor diet high in fat and physical inactivity. On the other hand, You can tell if your pet is suffering from food deficiency by their faeces, because if they are easy to collect and firm, probably means it has a good digestion.

Each animal has different nutritional needs, so it is important to choose the right food for your dog or cat depending on its particular characteristics. In addition to food, there are other aspects that help our animal have good health and bathrooms, exercise and disease prevention. With good general health, your dog will enjoy a long and happy life with you.

Six foods that our pets should not ever try.

As a diabetic person knows that it should not take products with sugar, dogs also have a number of foods that should not consume.

With frequency, We tend to give homemade food we left over but there are times that this food is not the most advisable.
Children also tend to give them food taking but it is a mistake.

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Feeding tips

Perro Obeso
If your dog does not eat all their meals at one time, It is possible that it is offering you too.
Not all dogs will eat the amount recommended by the manufacturers of food.

The correct amount should produce in Dog feces dark brown, wrinkled. If the stools are firm, but most soft towards the end, This is a classic sign of overfeeding.

Never change the diet of your dog suddenly (unless under the direction of your veterinarian). If you want to change your diet, do so gradually over a period of a few days a week.

Do not feed your dog before traveling in the car, that can promote the “car-enfermedad, or one hour before or after exercise that this could contribute to a dilation of the stomach and torsion (also known as swelling), It is a life-threatening condition requiring immediate intervention of the veterinary .

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