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Benefits of personalized dog food

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What is a healthy dog ​​food?

Our food Pawt is formulated with your dog's health in mind. This means we combine a colorful range of rich ingredients with the nutritional building blocks to help your dog grow up healthy and happy..

1 easy to digest

The switch to dog food Pawt makes your dog's digestive system work better. No more unpleasant smells.

2 Fewer calories

there's nothing better than this: healthy dog ​​food that meets your dog's energy needs, but with fewer calories.

3 lots of nutrients

It is important that your dog receives enough nutrients with the vitamins and minerals he needs. Our dog food contains: – Vitamin C, E y B – Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids – Legumes – botanical extracts – Condroprotectores, prebiotics and probiotics – proteins …

4 Adequate fiber content

Our personalized dog food contains a variety of fiber-containing ingredients. These fibers contribute to a healthier lifestyle and a smoother bowel movement. Among them are fish oil, the Apple, vegetables and rice.

what makes us unique?

We understand how important your dog's health is to you.. That's why we strive to offer the best and healthiest food for dogs. When feeding the dogs with food from Pawt, contribuyes a:

  • A strong immune system
  • shiny fur
  • strong joints

Advantages of personalized dog food

Many problems can be avoided by feeding your dog a healthy diet.. Improper dog food can lead to excess waste products and poor gut flora. The right bacteria in food is also important for a good intestinal flora.

  • fewer skin problems
  • Better defenses
  • shiny fur

our ingredients

The composition of the feed depends on the profile of your dog. Discover our high-quality ingredients here:




Fish oil

Fish oil






personalized dog food Pawt provides your pet with all important nutrients and reduces the risk of nutrition-related canine diseases, oversupply or undersupply and growth disturbances.
Our personalized dog food is characterized by the high quality of the raw materials: grain free, military, sugar, gluten, artificial flavors, preservatives or other additives.

Customization of the recipe taking into account the characteristics and conditions of your dog.

In Pawt, your dog receives an individual diet that is optimally adapted to its needs. From your race information, age, the weight, activity and other features, we use our portion calculation to calculate the exact nutritional needs of your pet.

Based on simple questions, our algorithm suggests the ideal meal and portion size. Do you want to change the grain size, flavor or recipe? You can contact us at any time.

Our personalized feed Pawt includes many advantages added to the quality of our recipe:

  • Customization of the recipe taking into account the characteristics and conditions of your dog.
  • Periodic free visits to your trusted veterinarian from the 2nd order.
  • Recipe formulated and prepared by veterinarians and nutritionists.
  • high quality feed.
  • Natural and fresh ingredients, minerals, vitamins, condroprotectores.
  • Does not contain waste or scrap as a source of protein.
  • Professional and personalized advice.
  • Free continuous assistance by WhatsApp Easy and comfortable method for you and good for your dog.
  • home delivery. You don't have to carry it home… No subscription.
  • The client does not subscribe to Pawt, but he buys whenever he wants. Affordable.
  • From the workshop to home without intermediaries.
  • High quality feed at a good price.

Do you have any questions or would you like some personal advice on the best food for your dog?? Our team of experts will be happy to help you.

a personal advisor Pawt accompanies you throughout the life of your pet. Guides you in the introduction of the new feed, solves any doubt regarding your nutritional plan. Receive the feed comfortably at home. From the workshop to home, without intermediaries. The highest quality for less than you imagine. Taking care of your dog has never been easier. So you don't worry about anything other than having a good time with your best friend… good for your dog, easy and comfortable for you.

We want to give you a sense of security and therefore we transparently display the full declaration and explanation of all the ingredients used..

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Things to Consider When Taking Care of a Senior Dog

Senior dogs can be a handful for any dog owner. They require a lot of love and patience, owing to the massive body and mental changes. Because of their weakening body and immune system, you must adjust their diet and incorporate the best-canned food for senior dogs.

If you have or want to adopt a senior dog, know it requires a lot of time and money to take care of them. . Your dog's happy, healthy face will make the saddest person brighten up.

Are you looking for tips to best take care of your senior dog? Here are a few to direct you to the right path.


Maintaining an Exercise Routine

Regular exercise will benefit your dog's general health while keeping them at their appropriate weight. Senior dogs not regularly exercised are most likely to suffer from severe arthritis, heart-related diseases, or diabetes. One can also tame frailty syndrome in your pet through exercise, as they maintain their muscle mass, which drives their metabolism.

Even though your dog is older, play, have fun, and take walks with it. However, require additional motivation to continue being active. Don't push them to overdo it, instead, take their lead regarding how long the activities should last.

Depending on your schedule, your dog's breed, dietary needs, health needs, and vet's advice, you can create a well-working exercise regime for your dog. You can also hire a professional pet nanny to care for your senior dog. Other people regularly make physical therapy appointments for their dogs to improve their muscle and joint strength.

Feed the Right Diet, Based on Individual Needs

Feeding your dog a balanced diet is paramount, especially during old age. While feeding your dog, please limit the fat and calorie intake to prevent the dog from developing unhealthy weight gain and inflammation.

It also requires senior dog owners to limit unhealthy dog treats that they give their dogs. Treats like peanut butter and cheese are dog favorites that should be avoided at all costs; Instead, look for soft food for old dogs. You must also feed your senior dog with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory foods.

Not sure if you are feeding your dog maximum nutrient value from their daily diet? You can supplement their food intake using supplementary tablets. But, consult a vet before buying the supplements, as they recommend the best brand for your pup.

It also, ensure your senior dog takes lots of fluids. Old dog owners should make it simpler for their aging puppies to locate a water bowl. If your pet has problems remembering where any particular water bowl could be, you might need to place more water bowls around the house. It also, associating a specific color with water bowls is an added way of helping your dog remember them.

Regularly check the old pup's fecal waste for any irregularities. You can check the color, thickness of the fecal matter, and how many times they defecate daily. If you notice something abnormal, If you do notice anything abnormal, seek a vet's help.

Maintaining Good Dental Hygiene

A dog's dental health must be taken seriously from a young age. Senior dogs can suffer from severe dental problems if they are not well cared for. Such issues can involve missing teeth, cracked teeth, and gum diseases. However, It is, however, not uncommon to detect a dog having missing teeth from a very young age.

To maintain your dog's oral hygiene, brush their teeth regularly using toothpaste and a thumb brush while making circular movements. You can also use dental chews to help with that, as the chews scrap the teeth, working as well as toothbrushes. It also, always take your dog to the vet to get their teeth checked and fixed.

Signs of Dental Problems in Your Dog

Here are the five most common signs

● They show less interest in food, dehydrated, hard foods
● They drool a lot, well, more than usual
● They chew food much slower than normal
● They hate it when touched around the mouth area
● Nasty breath, especially in the morning.

Make Grooming a Priority

Older dogs may have a more challenging time grooming themselves than other dogs, as they may strain too hard to reach some areas. It also, as they age, their skin and fur become dull. The skin becomes flaky, dry, lumpy and irritated. The shiny coat has also affected it, becoming brittle and dull.

To combat this, the pet parents should schedule regular bath times for their aged pets. A mild shampoo is advisable to use to nourish the skin and fur. This time is also excellent for bonding between you and your dog.

After a good bath, gently brush their fur to remove any tangles and give a good haircut around the eye, nose and ear areas. Do not trim the nail too short because doing so could cut sensitive nerve endings and blood vessels. It also, clip long ingrown claws, as they can get stuck to surfaces, hurting the dog.

Making Regular Checkup Visits to the Vet

Dogs, unlike humans, cannot talk. It becomes tough to define a dog's problem unless you are looking. Therefore, paramount to take regular checkups as a preventative measure.

These checkups can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. During these visits, blood work is done, as well as oral health checks. Blood work helps define the state of organ function of the kidneys and liver of your senior dog.

Checkups form an excellent medical history for your dog. One is also able to identify silent diseases from an early stage which allows, for better medical intervention. It also, gives a dog owner peace of mind, knowing their dog has a clean bill of health.

Standard diagnostic tests your senior dog is likely to undergo are;

● Fecal tests
● Urinalysis
● Thyroid function testing
● Blood testing of heartworms
● Complete blood count of both the red and white blood cells, as well as platelets
● CHEM screenings

Keep Up With Vaccination Schedules

Due to irregular grooming, old dogs are likely to suffer from lice, fleas and ticks. Thus, vaccinations are vital. Senior dog vaccinations may not be as standard as vaccination for other dogs, occurring at least once every three years. You should consult a vet on vaccination and make necessary changes to vaccination depending on individual needs.

Be Flexible With Your Dogs Changing Needs

Start with giving your elderly dog a lovely, cozy bed, ideally somewhere warm, peaceful, and accessible without mounting steps. Warmth is paramount, as older dogs struggle to control their body temperature compared to younger dogs.

They are more susceptible to overheating and humidity than younger dogs, so keep them out of those situations by using a warm bed.

Accessibility is also important, as the bathroom needs of your senior pet may change as they age and necessitate more frequent trips; they should have easy access to the garden.

Always keep your floors clean and uncluttered, as senior dogs suffering vision loss are likely to stumble on things on the floor area and hurt themselves.

For dogs suffering from arthritis, ensure that your house is fitted with ramps to suit their needs instead of making them walk over stairs.

You can also purchase elevated food bowls for your dog to prevent them from straining their necks while eating and drinking.

Play Games that Simulate Brain Function

Mental illness among senior dogs is also common. Dogs may suffer from mental diseases such as dementia, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and phobias. Parents of old dogs are advised to play some brain games to stimulate brain activity, thus preventing or slowing down the development of these ailments. Such games involve puzzle toys and scavenger hunt games.

Signs Your Dog is Suffering From Mental Health Issues?

● Aggressively barking at its owner
● Chasing its tail
● Loss of appetite
● Unhealthy changes in weight. It could be weight gain or weight loss.
● Excessive drooling
● Pacing and air snapping
● Isolating itself from other dogs.

Spend Time With Your Dog

Living in the moment and savoring every moment spent with your senior dog is an excellent decision that will allow you to give your dog love and assurance. It can be very upsetting to see your pet dog go through all these changes that come with old age and have no way of helping them.

However, you must understand that this is a stage all living creatures go through, including humans. Therefore, take the best care of your pets, and offer them every ounce of love, and you will have no regrets when he is all gone.

Final Thoughts

A senior dog may experience loss of sight, hearing loss, arthritis, dementia and other complications. As scary as it sounds, aging is a normal and natural process, and if dog owners give their dogs the necessary care, their aging process will be graceful and enjoyable.

Above all needs that a senior dog is likely to have, the most important one is getting maximum love and attention from its owner.

Have you been an old dog parent before? How was your experience?

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How do I know if I am feeding my pet well??

Just as having a dog or a cat has benefits for us and our home, It is also a responsibility we must assume. A pet is a member of the family and as such, He deserves to have good health and lots of love.

Within the health of a pet, food plays a vital role, as it should be balanced and adapted to each particular animal, giving you the nutrition you need. Next, you will see how to choose the ideal food for your pet and signals that can denote a poor diet.

Tips to adequate food

Among the possibilities to feed your pet, are home and industrial food options, wet food or feed. The diet you choose for your pet is up to you., but it is better if you consult a professional to make sure you choose the best option for that particular dog or cat.

One of the meals is chosen feed, because it is a very practical and affordable food and you can find a great deal on the market. This food should suit race, size and age of your pet to provide all the necessary nutrients in a personalized diet for the animal.

The best in these cases is to opt for good quality meals as you make sure they contain many nutrients and low in fat, something beneficial for your pet. You can choose the Acana feed for dogs that adapts to different types of pets and specific needs.

After having found the right food for your pet, make sure you feed him at least twice a day and always in the same place, to form a routine. On the other hand, you should leave plenty of fresh, clean water available throughout the day, since hydration is very important for good health of the animal.

Signs denoting a poor diet

In addition to carefully choose food for your dog or cat, there are other signs that may indicate whether your pet nutrition is still right. There are various details of the overall health of your animal you can look carefully to prevent illness and achieve having a great health.

One of the simplest ways to see if the pet is being well fed is by weight, if you are too fat or too thin, It can be a bad sign. Animal obesity is becoming more common, mainly caused by poor diet high in fat and physical inactivity. On the other hand, You can tell if your pet is suffering from food deficiency by their faeces, because if they are easy to collect and firm, probably means it has a good digestion.

Each animal has different nutritional needs, That is why it is important to choose the right food for your dog or cat depending on its particular characteristics.. In addition to food, there are other aspects that help our animal have good health and bathrooms, exercise and disease prevention. With good general health, your dog will enjoy a long and happy life with you.

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Six foods that our pets should never taste.

Just as a diabetic person knows that they should not take products with sugar, dogs also have a number of foods that should not consume.

With frequency, We tend to give homemade food we left over but there are times that this food is not the most advisable.
Children also tend to give them food taking but it is a mistake.

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Feeding tips

Perro Obeso
If your dog does not eat all their meals at one time, It is possible that it is offering you too.
Not all dogs will eat the amount recommended by the manufacturers of food.

The correct amount should produce in Dog feces dark brown, wrinkled. If the stools are firm, but most soft towards the end, This is a classic sign of overfeeding.

Never change the diet of your dog suddenly (unless under the direction of your veterinarian). If you want to change your diet, do it gradually over a period of a few days a week.

Do not feed your dog before traveling in the car, that can promote the “car-enfermedad, or one hour before or after exercise as this could contribute to stomach distention and torsion (also known as swelling), It is a life-threatening condition requiring immediate intervention of the veterinary .

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