Greyhound racing, a declining industry.

Greyhound racing


The greyhounds that still they bred for racing spend most of their time in boxes, pens or fenced enclosures without the love of a family. We can eliminate greyhound racing through education, compassion and action.

Greyhounds are disadvantaged even before birth. Thousands are raised annually, many more than those needed for racing, in an attempt to create the fastest dogs. Often cruel methods are used to get rid of unwanted dogs and dogs that survive in the industry are forced to live in overcrowded conditions. These social creatures are forced to spend most of their time alone, confined in cages for 20-23 hours a day and denied the opportunity to walk or play. Many dogs are injured while running races and are slaughtered.

What's wrong with greyhound racing?

Greyhound racing is cruel and inhumane and no place for them in the modern era.

When they first emerged at end of the XIX century, supporters did not know that hundreds of thousands of dogs suffer and die.

Since then, our society has evolved and dog racing are not synchronized with the values ​​of society towards animals.

Today, this type of unnecessary and wasteful suffering is rejected as a form of gambling or entertainment. According to government records now available, common injuries in racing include broken necks and backs, dislocations, torn muscles and paralysis. There have also been electrocutions when dogs come into contact with the lure of high-voltage track. Some dogs die on the track while others are euthanized because of the severity of their injuries or simply because of their value decreased as brokers.

Do not greyhounds used for racing manicured?

Racing greyhounds endure lives of confinement, They are subject to standard practices that are cruel and suffer injuries and even death. Greyhounds used for racing are kept in cages, just large enough so they can stop or turn around, until 23 hours per day. Shredded paper or carpet remnants are used as bed.

Do greyhound racing contribute to the overpopulation of dogs?

Yes. From the Platform Not the Chase (NAC) They estimate that in Spain 'left over' annually about 50.000 greyhounds. The racing industry exacerbates an overproduction of dogs, simply displace other homeless animals and diverts resources to address other challenges Animal welfare.

Greyhound racing

In the State of Florida (USA), the court will decide whether to vote an amendment to ban racing, declining in the US.

In Argentina, greyhound racing are prohibited. The law prohibits throughout its territory performing dog racing, any race. Seeks to end a practice that in many cases, as protectionist, It is accompanied by a cruel treatment to animals. The goal is to sustain economic activity. It does not consider that the life of the animal, raised in extreme conditions, is of 5 years. After that, some try to sell galgueros, often for hunting, where they suffer injuries; otherwise they abandon or kill.

Meanwhile in Portugal, Bill No. 1095 / XIII / 4th determines the prohibition of Bull Dogs best known for greyhound racing. The prohibition extends to the entire national territory, regardless of the race of the dog.

In uruguay, The 20 in December of 2018, President of the Republic sent the National Assembly a bill which prohibits throughout the national territory of the dog races.

In Spain, originally, FEG regulated three modes, Canódromo, Liebre open field and Mechanics, of which there are currently only two last.

It is inhumane greyhound race?

Cages greyhounds

Yes. In the United States, thousands of dogs in this industry are kept in enclosures kennels. These enclosures consist of long, narrow buildings with pens for dogs: Dirt tracks where dogs are fenced “removed” and they allowed them to your needs. In these areas, dogs are kept in kennels style warehouse in rows of cages stacked metal.

In the dog tracks of the different states, Greyhounds often suffer serious injuries. Since January 2008 until April 2018, They have documented a total of 15.273 injuries greyhound. The most commonly reported injury was a broken leg. Other injuries included head trauma, Electrocution fractures and back.

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A harness for your dog and peaceful Christmas


Whenever it lurks in December, I have in mind a recommendation that never arrived in time to be shared... by flutes and whistles, but this time I decided to win the game at the time, and here we are.

As you know, approaching Christmas and with them the Fireworks, or to put it another way, the terror begins for our beloved four-legged friends. Is true that there are dogs or you flinch with the Christmas bombings, but it is also true that the vast majority spend it of penalty.

In my personal experience, each time that reaches the half of November, comes the struggle to leave House, the pull of the dog that in spite of being small (is the Westie illustrating this entry) you have to apply a good amount of newtons to move it two centimeters. Yes..., puts you in ridiculous total.

Ever, taking a walk, suddenly it rang a Christmas Fireworks and see the dog shake like a Reed, pulling for all side as crazy and once to fly out and stay with the collar in your hand, It was the moment that did it without a doubt something that we thought... buy a harness. I assure you that we have won all...

There are many sites where you can buy it, I did it in the online pet shop, a place with a good ratio quality / price, In addition to selling of all a little.

The harness in these cases it is ideal, in the first place because you take away the fear of choking your pet, There is no danger! The pull force goes to the trunk, which gives you and the animal when you're afraid.
So, only with me to share this with all the people that pass through here, today I feel I made someone... Last year I arrived late.

I hope that my advice is useful and that you have a happy Christmas and a good entry to the 2017.

Kitten rescued and adopted by a small Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

A dog breed Shih Tzu rescued a small kitten and became her adoptive mother.

Representatives of a protective of animals in Anderson, South Carolina, they thought that the barking of a small Shih Tzu were that it had been caught in a ravine.

It turned out that the dog was there with the intention of protecting a small kitten.

Members of the protective fell by fill and found at the Shih Tzu among tangled branches with thorns. Looking more closely, they realized that the Shih Tzu had a little friend. A kitten that fed on the milk of the bitch. The scene was endearing.

The bitch never wanted to abandon his protégé. Both were taken to the L.A.P.Y refuge. Anderson County (Anderson County PAWS), where it stays together.

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A dog stays beside fellow died despite below-zero temperatures


A heartbreaking video of a faithful dog that monitors a co-worker died during the night, Despite temperatures of up to -13 degrees.

The sad scenes were captured in the city of Yinchuan in northwest of China, then they realized that the dog remained firm beside his companion died despite the dangerous traffic on a busy highway.

Residents placed a stool next to them to prevent vehicles to beat them. It was the night of the 22 of December, When it is believed that the dog died.

Below, the deceased dog was removed from the road to be buried in a nearby park, While his friend watched to the end.

Husky abandoned in a pile of trash has a second chance.


Abandoned in a pile of garbage, close to death, It has a second chance and develops a remarkable friendship with a chihuahua

When it was demure, it was so weak that it had no power to flee. Be found with scabies infections, parasites, and malnutrition.

Miley, so is called the Husky, It has had an incredible recovery and is taking advantage of his new chance of life to help his friend Frankie

Frankie, the chihuahua, was found in a sewer on the verge of drowning and is terrified.

The couple are now inseparable and Frankie is much more sociable after Miley took her under his protection.



Via: dailymail

The second chance of a stray dog mistreated and abandoned.

Ralph spent most of their days living in a pile of garbage when its former owner neglected him and submitted him to all kinds of humiliation before leaving it.

Despite the aggressive acts towards their rescuers, Ralph ends up revealing his true identity.

Emotional reunion for a woman and his lost dog talk


Silvina wheel had lost to Peter, a Mongrel dog's advanced age adopted does 2 and a half years, After that rescued him from a house where they had it abandoned to their fate. At that time it was salty, He had a wound infected on the back and their former owners even came to hit a shot to kill him and literally "remove it off".

Achieve a so old dog, almost no teeth, recovers, required a huge effort.

For this reason, When does 15 Silvana days returned home of Lamadrid to the 400 and found the open grating couldn't believe it. Pedrito had escaped.

After two weeks of intense search, a pair of mascoteros found him in the La Carrindanga road, a few meters from the sesquicentennial road bridge, with a leg wound, among other signs that well not had spent it very.

When he received the call by phone Silvina was to search for it in the car, loaded it and on the way to the veterinary medicine, It starts an incredible conversation with his friend. It asks what happened and the dog seems to reply to you telling her ordeal and the suffering that had.

Watch the moving video.

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Bitch kept afloat to girl's 4 years and saved his life


Sasha, a German Shepherd Dog, saved the lives of Milena's 4 years.

The incident took place in Cañada de Gómez, in Argentina.

The story of Sasha and Milena already toured the country. Sasha is a German Shepherd bitch. Milena is a girl of 4 years to which your dog saved from death. Everything took place last Sunday in the town of Cañada de Gómez, Iriondo Department, 225 kilometers southwest of this capital.

According to said Valeria, Milena Mama, Milena left his house unless the family had noticed it. Thinking he was at a neighbor's House playing, as I used to do it several times a day, nobody worried until they began to pass the minutes and parents intranquilizaron is.

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