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Pit Bull saves family from fire, including a baby

Thor,the Dog Rescuer.

An American PitBull Terrier saves life to an entire family died in a fire,even the animal threw his cot for a baby which he dragged out to remove it from the danger saving life in Bristol, USA.

The fire began around 3 am on Thursday in a hallway and quickly spread throughout the House.

“Looks like the real hero here is the pit bull family”, said Frank Connolly, Executive Deputy Director of the Elkhart County Red Cross. "Apparently, 'Thor woke up' the family and even tried to pull the baby and the crib out of the house. Lately we have learned how important pets can be a family, and this is so marked as an example that I have not ever seen. ”

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Rescued a dog that got lost a week ago in a ski resort in Australia

A dog rescued after wandering between the snow for a week.

He had disappeared near a dam at the base of a mountain. A few skiers found him at the top, to more than 18 miles away.

He was very skinny and his paws were raw from walking through the snow for several days..

One of the skiers got in touch with the owner with a plate. The dog was wearing a GPS Beacon on its neck that had stopped working.

The lucky dog is called Stripes. The son of the owner was so happy to see it again. Unfortunately there were others 2 dogs that disappeared the same day (they were hunting dogs) and it seems that they have not had the same fortune that Stripes.

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A bitch, call Dora, reunites with her owner after being missing 7 months.


They were seven months without seeing his family once he is frightened by Fireworks and fled werecat.
7 months is a long time for an animal. She probably feel abandoned and don't understand how anyone was going to seek the refuge that gave him shelter.

The workers of the shelters are saturated and can not spend too long an animal in particular, and it's not because they don't want it, are too many dogs that claim attention.

After 7 months of not seeing his family, your first reaction is of submission. Ella había estado demasiado tiempo en una habitación con un montón de perros que ladraban constantemente. They are not quiet places.
Al final del vídeo, It shows happiness, licked the face a couple of times to its owner and struck the tail.

It is important to put the chip your pet.



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Husky abandoned in a pile of trash has a second chance.


Abandoned in a pile of garbage, close to death, It has a second chance and develops a remarkable friendship with a chihuahua

When she was rescued, she was so weak that she didn't have the energy to run away.. Be found with scabies infections, parasites, and malnutrition.

Miley, That's the name of the Husky, has made an amazing recovery and is taking advantage of his new lease on life to help his friend Frankie

Frankie, the chihuahua, was found in a sewer on the verge of drowning and is terrified.

The couple are now inseparable and Frankie is much more sociable after Miley took her under his protection.




Via: dailymail

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Disabled dogs

Disabled dogs

Many owners abandon their dogs when they, by accident, birth or illness, they end up not to walk by themselves. I would like to leave you today these examples of dogs transcendence, and educate all those owners of dogs, dogs can be adapted to any situation that comes in the life, much better, that human beings.


    Here the daily image of happiness. Otis loves his wheels. Photo: Eddie’s Wheels

      Simply adorable. Photo: Eddie’s Wheels

        Andy, a lively Golden, he couldn't wait to take off with his new car. Photo: Eddie’s Wheels

          Elsie, adorable in your shopping cart. Believe it or not, He was hit by a train, but it's going to walk despite a spine fracture. Photo: Eddie’s Wheels

            Dottie the Dalmatian lost his legs when she disappeared in the snow. Now you're browsing in your shopping cart. Photo: Eddie’s Wheels

              Walking along a Creek at sunset. Photo: Eddie’s Wheels

                Bemish with his trophy. Photo: Eddie’s Wheels



                Sources and photos: Carli Davidson, Eddieswheels.

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Schoep have arthritis and its owner takes you to the upper Lake of United States so that the temperature of the water and its buoyancy reduce your headaches.

Unger with your dog Schoep in Lake Superior. Image: Stonehouse Photography

The image shows John Unger and his dog Schoep, to that adopted 18 years, resting on Lake Superior. The photograph has received 350.000 “I like it”, He has shared 200.000 times and is close to the 36.000 comments.

The story after the image is just as moving. Unger collected Schoep, that had been mistreated by its previous owners, with 8 months and since then, Despite spending a time in which the dog was in custody shared with Unger expareja, they have not returned to separate.

Schoep now has arthritis and its owner takes you to the upper Lake of United States so that the temperature of the water and its buoyancy reduce your headaches.

Unger ensures that your dog has accompanied him during his worst moments, in which a strong depression almost led him to suicide, so he does not hesitate to do the same. Help your pet disease.

This is what caught the photographer Hannah Stonehouse Hudson nothing else view the snapshot of the currently, after public response, already sell posters, t-shirts and even cups.

A picture to remember the most faithful friendship is possible and that his sincerity reaches all hearts.

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Five years of friendship between a dog and a bird – Video


Make 5 years a dog and a small bird met in the Park, since they are inseparable.

Momo paseaba con su amo por el parque un día como cualquier otro, then began to bark. El perro había encontrado a un pajarito lastimado incapaz de volar.

Mr Yamashita helped the little bird and named Suzume. Aunque Yamashita cuidó al ave con la esperanza de que se recuperaría y posteriormente regresarlo a su hábitat, Suzume managed never to fly again.

It was then that Yamashita decided to take a special course to learn the special care that needs the bird.

Al principio Yamashita temía que Momo lastimara a Suzume o incluso que quisiera comérselo, but the opposite happened.

Momo is very protective and is always on the lookout for Suzume, so the bird is never separated from his side.

Momo, the dog, and Suzume, the little bird, juegan todo el día y junto con su amo, Mr Yamashita live in Chiba Prefecture, all as a sui generis happy family.



Via: sdpnoticias

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A dog stays beside fellow died despite below-zero temperatures


A heartbreaking video of a faithful dog that watches over a dead companion throughout the night, Despite temperatures of up to -13 degrees.

The sad scenes were captured in the city of Yinchuan in northwest of China, later they noticed that the dog stood firm by the side of his dead companion despite dangerous traffic on a busy road.

Residents placed a stool next to them to prevent vehicles from hitting them. It was the night of the 22 of December, When it is believed that the dog died.

Next, the deceased dog was removed from the road to be buried in a nearby park, While his friend watched to the end.