The world of Pets ➝ Dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, amphibians

In the world of pets we see history, features, skills, pictures and videos of dogs, cats, exotic birds and other less common animals that live with us.

The pet animals lead 10.000 years forming part of our life in the case of dogs, 3.500 years in cats.

There are many benefits provided to us and that is why we must be careful with them. We worrying about your health and your diet.

The company of Pets they always evoke tenderness, company and friendship. These values ​​that should make us reflect and consider our animal companion as a friend.

Mascotarios is a space dedicated to our pets.

We try to make a complete description of the most common breeds that live with us. We will try to pay attention to the origins, features, care, etc, both of our dogs, as our beloved feline.


We describe the different exotic birds ➝. We should pay special attention to their vulnerability and discouraging the purchase of these animals in order to keep them in captivity.


Agapornis roseicollis and Agapornis fischeri The Lovebirds, also known for "Agapornis", they may be one of the most ...

Amazona (Complete list of the genus Amazona)

Amazona nuquigualda
Characteristics of the genus Amazona Medium to large in size, stocky appearance, predominantly green, with accented colors that depend on the ...


Characteristics of Cockatoos Cockatoos are the 21 species of birds belonging to the family Cacatuidae, The only one ...


Rainbow Lori Characteristics and habitat of the Lori Los Loris (Loriini) are a tribe of psittaciform birds widely distributed by ...

Search exotic birds

Buscador de aves exóticas
Exotic bird finder by continents - All Psittaciformes birds (Psittaciformes) from America. Oceania, Asia, Africa. Psittaciformes (Psittaciformes) of ...


We will pay attention to the abuse and its disclosure and will try to encourage the adoption of dogs and cats. Defenders and protective animal they call attention to pet overpopulation. Therefore before buying, we must consider the option of adopting. There are many animals that depend on us for their survival.

We need to be responsible with our animals, they give us everything and just ask us anything. We can not leave them stranded.


The pet animals they are very good for children. They can spend time with him, Observe, take responsibility for him and learn a lot about his upbringing, care and behavior. But, what to do if the child starts sneezing just by seeing a cat? Or is dad allergic to animal hair? That doesn't leave many suitable pets. One solution is the reptiles or amphibians: Turtles, lizards, frogs or snakes.

The reptiles they have no hair and, therefore, cannot cause allergies, so they are often chosen for children with allergies to animal hair. But there are even more advantages: No walking, no years of education, no noise, no danger to visiting children, no mud prints on the carpet. The reptiles they live in their own world and can be interesting and exciting companions for years.

On the other hand, the Turtles and company are not companions to cuddle and take to bed. They are delicately built and stressed if sturdy children's hands grab them too tightly.. To ensure that they are properly maintained and cared for for the species, interested children and parents should read a specialist book beforehand and seek detailed advice from a pet shop.

Reptiles and amphibians for their maintenance in captivity

The wild animals they are often kept as pets, es un grave error. The term Wild in this context it applies specifically to animal species that have not undergone a fundamental change in behavior to facilitate close coexistence with humans.

Some species listed in Mascotarios may have been bred in captivity for a considerable period of time, but they are not yet recognized as domesticated animals.



Aardvarks or anteaters are native to Africa, mainly in the areas south of the Sahara. Their habitat are ...
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The three bands Armadillo

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Aye-Aye Aye!

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Honduran white bat

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