The colors of the hair, skin and eyes of mammals is due to melanins. The form, the size and arrangement of these granules in each hair, affects the color of the animal. There are two types of melanin in the cat: eumelanin, the granules are spherical and absorb almost all light, giving a black pigmentation and the phaeomelanina, the granules are elongate as football balls and reflect light in the Orange range - yellow.

These are the colors that can occur in cats. Looking at this table of colors can give account, with the colors represented in the column on the right, They come to be the diluted version of those found in the left column and that is what happens in the coloration of our cats...

The colors present in a cat, are: the black, chocolate, the cinnamon and the Red. These colors, they can be diluted, those cats that have a smaller amount of pigment in its skin, as these colours: the blue, the lilac, the beige and the cream.

White cat

The color white, does not include as color, because a single white cat it is actually because it presents a gene that cancels out the real color of the cat. White cats can have any color eyes, but the strange thing is that blue have.

White cats have many possibilities of having hearing problems, and not only are those white blue-eyed cats, because it can also give cats with other color eyes.

There is another variety of white cats, Albino cats, they do not have hearing problems, and they tend to be cats with clear eyes, the authentic albino, White with red eyes, has not yet occurred in domestic cats.

Table of possible colors:

AmberBorn Black, brightness of bright apricot cinnamon with age.
ApricotRosa-marrón or hot color cream, with a metallic luster.
BeigeAbyssinia and Somalia: not linked to the sex, cream, Fawn
NegroJet Black
BrownChocolate. Genetically black pattern which is known as striped Brown tabby cats. (Burma "Brown" is equivalent to black.)
CaramelCaramelized blue, coffee with milk of color (color of biscuits), fresh Griffon bluish tone , metallic luster
ChampagneBurma / Tonkinese: equivalent to chocolate
ChestnutOriental: Dark media-Marrón, equivalent to chocolate
ChocolateMedium dark brown
CinnamonChocolate with milk of color(reddish)
CreamBuff, diluted sex-linked Red
EbonyExternal: is equivalent to black
CervatoAbyssinian / somali: Hot cream (not linked to sex and cream), equivalent to light lilac
Light amberBorn blue, brightness of rosa-beige or beige color with age.
FrostLila / Lavender
OroAustralia Mist: equivalent to the cinnamon
HoneyBurma / Tonkinese: equivalent to a chocolate / Brown
LavenderPink grey (dove grey)
Light brownequivalent to cinnamon
Chocolate clearBurmilla: milk chocolate
Light lilacEquivalent to Griffon
NaturalTonkinese: equivalent to Sabre / seal
Peachaustralian fog: Rosa-Marrón, equivalent to the light lilac / beige. Peach is also seen as a dilute solution of the Russian blue and candy can be.
PlatinumBurma / Tonkinese: Equivalent to the lilac / lilac
RedDeep red ginger (poor reds are yellow because of other genes)
RedAbyssinian / somali: equivalent to cinnamon
RuddyAbyssinian / somali: Equivalent to black / brown
SandBurma: dark brown (Black genetically)
SealSiamese twins: dark brown (Black genetically)
SorrelAbyssinian / somali: equivalent to cinnamon, mink Tonkinese honey
Grey-brownCarmelo dilution of lilac / lilac
TawnyAbyssinian / somali: Equivalent to black
UsualAbyssinian / somali: Equivalent to black
WhiteWhite albino not, This is the absence of color.

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