Spotted Quolls – Marsupials

Spotted Quolls

These spotted Quolls brothers of 12 weeks of age were presented to the public at the Zoo's wild action from Chris Humfrey in Australia. Despite his small stature these carnivores, you are a lesser-known cousin of the Tasmanian Devil, they are aggressive by nature and are willing to attack anything that crosses your path – even if it is a brother. The numbers in Australia Quoll has been reduced due to destruction of habitat, intoxication, the spread of diseases and to the foxes and cats that attack their young.
Photography: Jay Town / Newspix / Rex

The olinguito, new Carnivore discovered in the forests of Colombia and Ecuador


It is the smallest of the family of raccoons Member (racunas). It is a solitary and nocturnal animal that lives in the trees. It measures 35, 5 cm, more a tail of about 38cm and weighs 900g.

The Coati

The Coati

The coati It is an animal with a long, pointed snout, Agile and flexible body and a long tail, the coati is part of the natural fauna of regions forested on the American territory.

Goodfellow's Tree Kangaroo

Tree goodfellowi

Goodfellow's Tree Kangaroo is a species of diprotodontido marsupial from the family Macropodidae, they belong to all the kangaroos and related. It is included in the genera Tree-Kangaroo, along with other nine species. Wikipedia – Photo: WilliamBullimore

The aguará Guazú

aguará Guazú

The aguará Guazú is the largest South American canid, resembling a large Fox with reddish fur.. This mammal is found in open and semi-open habitats, especially grasslands with shrubs and trees disperse in all South America. The aguará Guazú is the highest of the wild Canids and their long legs is more than likely an adaptation to the height of grasslands in their natural habitat.

Gizmo screech OWL


Gizmo is an Eastern screech OWL, living with us in the center of reconditioning avian in Florida. Many people wonder if it is a baby, but he is an OWL in full maturity!
AvianRecon (via Avianrecon)

A Kiwi


The kiwis are shy and nocturnal creatures with a sense of smell very developed thanks to the existence of real moustaches around the peak, These whiskers are effective olfactory organs.
Seen on reddit – as_above_so_below

What seems to be a smart male dance between two giraffes, It is indeed a brutal struggle for a female


What seems to be a smart male dance between two giraffes, It is indeed a brutal struggle for a female. Photographer Dana Allen

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