They decimate the las nieves in Pakistan Leopard

The Snow Leopard is a threatened species in Pakistan. This seen so little feline population decreased to less than 450 copies throughout the country, mainly due to hunting. An expert made an unconventional proposal- and controversial- to save the Snow Leopard: classify it as a domesticated animal.

That does not mean that the snow leopards are literally tame, like a chicken, Shafqat Hussain explained, a browser of National Geographic stated during the Symposium of explorers of the Organization held in Washington in June: "When you say that the snow leopards are like cats", "I say this rhetorically to contrast with the wild word".

The idea comes from the changing relationship between the Leopard and the man. When the cats remain in the Himalayas, increasingly they share their habitat with the mountain shepherds. In 2010 a study of Snow Leopard droppings was made and was determined that until the 70 percent of the diet of this species in the province of Gilgit Baltistan was based on sheep, cattle and other domestic animals. Some pastors hunt snow leopards in retaliation for the killing of livestock.

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