They rescued a dog and a cat that was feeding


An animal control officer rescued an odd couple consisting of a dog and a cat in the vicinity of a stream.
The curious thing about the news is that the dog was responsible for the care of the small cat, feeding it and licking it to calm him down.

The official Michelle Smith was sent to the North of Pointe Creek behind Home Depot in Anderson (Texas) Once someone called saying there was a dog barking in the area.

To his surprise, Smith found the dog nursing a kitten at the bottom of an embankment along a deep ravine. Smith rescued the little bitch and your adoptive kitten, bringing them to the County of Anderson P.AW.S. where have spent the last days of summer.

“This is an example of why they love my job”, Smith said in his report. Smith said that the bitch is taking care of your adopted baby, keeping clean and well-fed cat.

Animal Control expects that the owner of the dog appears and is carried to the adopted kitten.


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Reported by mistreating German shepherds on a farm of Olius

Maltrato animal en finca de Olius...The Mossos d ’ police have reported to a breeder to have on his farm of Olius a hundred of shepherd in terrible conditions of hygiene and health.

According to the Catalan police, They denounced the 29 from September to this neighbor of Solsona for a crime of mistreatment of animals, Once an endowment in Mossos located the dogs on the farm while conducting a preventive patrol.

Speaking to Europa Press, the Deputy Head of the police station of Solsona, Xavier Vilella, He explained that a dozen of dogs “they had parasites and skin lesions” due to disease and poor nutrition, and they were without food or water.

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With its wonderful smell a dog named Tucker helps save the whales

Elizabeth Seely, entrenadora de Tucker

This beautiful story takes place on the Islands San Juan, an archipelago of coastal islands located on the North-West coast of the United States, in the State of Washington. The archipelago consists of eleven Islands: Orcas with 148 km², San Juan with 142,59 km², Lopez with 77,2 km², Lummi with 23,97 km², Guemes with 21,58 km², Shaw with 19,95 km², Blakely with 16,85 km², Cypress with 16,12 km², Waldron with 11,9 km², Decatur with 9,12 km², Stuart with 7,46 km².

The coasts of the Islands San Juan a dog named Tucker with a somewhat sad past as a tramp in the streets of Seattle has become an undisputed star in the Kingdom of the canines that contribute their wisdom and science help.
Tucker is today only dog in the world that works with marine biologists, able to find and follow the traces of excrement orca to open sea. It is able to follow the trail of the stool up to a mile away, and in tiny amounts. Spectacular.

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