A couple of piglets babirusa


A couple of piglets babirusa whose birth has been hailed as a new positive for the future of the species – with wild populations in serious decline in their native Indonesia. You can see the visitors of the Zoo based in Cheshire in a few months when more developed.

Unusual encounter between Leone and breeding of antelope


The animal was ending devour to a Ugandan cobo who had hunted when her calf appeared suddenly in the undergrowth. A photographer captured what happened

The Leone, who had been injured during the hunt of the Ugandan Cobo (a kind of typical of the savanna Antelope of Africa, and national symbol of Uganda), was initially very confused.

The breeding approached him then, unaware of the danger, He got between the legs of the lioness, Perhaps with the intention of sucking milk, as recounted a witness to the event photographer, ADri Visser, of 50 years.

"The Leone was very confused"”, then told the photographer. "They were there for a few" 45 'minutes'.

At that time appeared a Save forest on a motorcycle. The photographer was afraid that the noise of the engine would flee to the animals.

"Then the lioness grabbed to the" creature by the neck and carried as if it were their own species".

“Then we learned by a Group of tourists that breeding had not died between the claws of the lioness. On the contrary”, said photographer. He had survived and was well.

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Baboons and dogs – Enemies??

When the baboons living close to people, It is natural to come into contact with pets for humans, including dogs. Sometimes, interactions between baboons and dogs are not at all pleasant and one of the animals involved – dog or a baboon – ends up doing damage. Contrary to popular belief, the mandrill does not have any reason to hurt the dogs if the dogs are a threat to them.

Dogs are territorial animals, baboons are not fighting for territory with animals than baboons, in fact, they observe and play with the dogs who are familiar.

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