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50 drunken elephants destroyed a village in the India

Animals crazed by the alcohol left three destroyed houses and trampled crops

Dumurkota, an Indian village, He suffered an attack of a herd of elephants who arrived in search of alcohol after having drunk already almost 500 litres.

Animals, that at first they were looking for food and had approached the tea and rice plantations, they suddenly felt the smell of alcohol that came from a store. attracted by the scent, elephants ransacked the premises and was drank 18 barrels of liquor. The effect was devastating. The crazed elephants entered Dumurkota and destroyed at least three homes trying to get more alcohol. It also, they trampled the plantations of local farmers. Police officers who arrived to calm the animals and return them to their herd reported that the elephants were just part of a large community whose migration route passed near Dumurkota..

Seen: actualidad.RT

Photo: AFP / Diptendu Dutta

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