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Friends of different species


Rubbing makes love – The phrase does not only apply to human beings, the animals also show very good feelings, Although these samples, sometimes are more curious.

Perhaps it is simply coincidence, Or maybe they don't have any kind of prejudice when it comes to choosing their best friend..

Don't you find it endearing?

perro y gato
As the dog and cat?
cerdo y perro
we love each other so much!



Animal appreciation

Animal appreciation

Jupiter was adopted by Ana Julia after seeing her suffering in a circus.

French bulldog enthusiastically plays with NYPD horse

Adorable Dog (Frenchie!) Plays with NYPD Police Horse on Wall Street

Two of the most unlikely creatures have become best friends: a labradoodle, George, and suricata, DISA.

Source: thesun.co.UK

A Mastiff adopts a baby chimpanzee, disowned by his mother.



The story of friendship between a dog, a cat and a mouse

The dog, the cat and the Mouse

The Parrot feeds his friend the dog

Bird Feeds Dog Noodles


A scene of Tom and Jerry cartoons

Photo: Malcolm Case-Green

Bet the dog plays with Zippy the serval


Gato y perro

True friends

Willow the owl and Merlin the dog often go for walks together at the Pen y Bryn Falconry center in North Wales. They are the best friends in the world.

Friends forever

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