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Six foods that our pets should never taste.

Just as a diabetic person knows that they should not take products with sugar, dogs also have a number of foods that should not consume.

With frequency, We tend to give homemade food we left over but there are times that this food is not the most advisable.
Children also tend to give them food taking but it is a mistake.

  • The chocolate


    Chocolate contains Theobromine, an alkaloid that is chemically similar to caffeine. The chemically pure analog of theobromine is used in medicine as a diuretic and heart stimulant..

    Most people have no trouble digesting the theobromine found naturally in chocolate., but it's a totally different story for dogs. They metabolize theobromine more slowly and can become sick and die from eating too much chocolate. how much is too much? It depends on the type of chocolate – Chocolate Baking has much as 10 times more theobromine to thousands of times more than the white chocolate and milk chocolate. To be sure, It is best avoided altogether the dogs give these sweets.

  • Garlic

    Cabezas de ajo

    Although it seems that animals can digest small quantities of garlic powder, larger amounts may cause anemia and cause gastrointestinal problems.

    In the case of garlic, the culprit is the chemical compound thiosulfate, which is naturally occurring and difficult for dogs and cats to process. This is nothing compared to the amount of thiosulfate is located in the next item on our list, the onion.

  • Onion


    The onion can easily kill your pets. Levels of thiosulfate found in onions, even in small amounts can damage and quickly kill your dog, cat or other pet.

    Onions also contain disulfidos, What causes permanent damage to red blood cells, causing anemia and lack of oxygen. Animals that eat onions can suffer liver damage, discoloration of the urine, shortness of breath, Dermatitis and anemia.

  • Avocado


    The avocados are one of the foods to avoid giving our pets with a substance called Persin which is extremely toxic for them.

    Is not only the edible flesh of avocado that is toxic to your pets, It is the entire floor of the avocado – the seed, bark and leaves – all parts contain Persin and you do get sick and kill them.

    If you have avocado in the House, make sure you keep them out of the reach of your animals.

  • Bones

    Perro con hueso

    The dogs and the bones go together, like chocolate and milk and toast with butter. Requests for a child to draw a dog and insurance that will add a bone to the image. Good dogs, bones of reward – that's how it is. But it turns out that, the bones can wreak havoc in the digestive system of a dog.

    The FDA advised the owners spend bones when it comes to reward your dog and wrote a great list of 10 reasons why it is a bad idea to give your dog a bone. Broken teeth, lesions in the mouth, bones stuck in the stomach and severe bleeding in the gut. It is clear that it is not a good idea.

  • Beer


    This probably goes without saying. It may be that a dish of beer you offer to your dog or cat to make a grace, the truth is that much don't need to ensure that your pet receives an excessive dose.

    They have a body much smaller and faster than ours to metabolize and not process alcohol. Only say that you nothing of alcohol for our pets.

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