1 – White Tiger Cubs. Price: 100.000 €

Cachorros de tigre blanco

Cubs White Tiger they are very rare.

Due to a recessive gene, they are not considered to be albinos.

As a result of its high price, the demand, the maintenance and shortages, the White Tiger is one of the most difficult to obtain the world animals.

the white Tigers tend to be large at birth as their maximum adult size, This may have given them an advantage despite their unusual coloration.

It is a myth that white Tigers do not thrive in the wild, where have small groups bred white for generations. India ever he planned to return them to their environment.

Cachorros de tigre blanco
Cachorros de tigre blanco

Cachorros de tigre blanco

Cachorros de tigre blanco

White Tiger Cubs. Price: 100.000 €

2 – Chimpanzee. Price: 42.000 € – 45.000 €


Chimpanzees are highly intelligent primates and are closely related to humans. Chimpanzees weigh around 52 kg and the male is slightly larger than the female.

The natural habitat of the chimpanzee is in West and central Africa. Despite being a species in danger of extinction, chimpanzees are legal pets in some countries.

They have a mind of its own, and if you want can dump the fridge and eat everything, or simply run to bring the curtains down.

An adult chimpanzee will be stronger than you and will be able to cause you serious injury.


3 – Piton reticulada phase Tiger albino. Price: 10.000 €

Piton reticulada

The reticulated python is a very rare breed, show co-dominant tiger pattern making them extremely popular in the world of snakes.
This Piton no problems when feeding. At birth, they feed on mice and rats of suitable size and are advised to feed them frequently (each 5 days aprox.). Is also advised its nutrition in captivity through previously sacrificed and desparasitadas dams. They are famous for their ability to bite.

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4 – Blue Macaw. Price: 4.500 € – 8.500 €


The Macaws they come from South America and Central America. They can be divided, roughly in two: of normal size and the dwarves.
This is the largest in the order Psittaciformes species (the parrots and relatives). Length measured between 93 cm and a meter. Comes to weigh up 1.5 kg. These magnificent birds have a bright blue coloration. They are very popular pets despite their high price.

Today, end of year 2002, being on the rise thanks to the work of preservation of fauna in Brazil, but it is still seriously threatened.

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5 – Striped ball Python. Price: 7.000 €

Pitón bola Rayada

The striped ball Python bears his name due to his shyness, as it tends to wrap around herself getting head in the Center by a ball. This Python tends to be very quiet so many people has it as a pet. It is a very strong and easy to maintain, you don't need much space and does not grow too.

The specimens caught in the wild have an enormous difficulty to adapt to the environment in captivity, what you can end up in that refuse to eat and who may have parasites. There are specimens (born in captivity) which have come to survive above the 48 years in captivity.

the striped ball shows a yellow dorsal stripe with black border, distinguishing them clearly from any other snake.

Pitón bola Rayada

Pitón bola Rayada

The striped ball shows a yellow dorsal stripe with black edge aa, distinguishing them clearly from any other snake.

6 – Brazzas Mono. Price: 7.000 €

Mono de brazzas

Its natural habitat is wetlands of central Africa.
Brazzas monkey is easily recognizable by his white beard and yellowish-grey hair.
Males weigh around 7 kg, While the females weigh around 4,5 kg.
It is a shy monkey, territorial, It lives in small social groups.
Communicates with thundering sounds, waving tree branches, and a variety of facial expressions and movements (for example, shaking his head when stressed, or asserting the approval).

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7 – Mona Guenon – Wolf's guenon. Price: 4.300 €

Mona Guenon

The natural habitat of the Mona Guenon is within the tropical forests of West Africa, However, This animal is capable of adapting to any forest environment. Therefore, special permits and licenses for the possession of this animal, is not considered an endangered species.

Released this Guénon lives in groups of up to 35 in tree regions. It feeds mainly on fruits, but sometimes feeds on insects and leaves.

Their weight is between 4 and 5 Kg. and they can live 30 years.

Mona Guenon

8 – Savannah cat . Price: 2.800 € – 7.000 €

Gato Savannah

The Savannah cat, is a hybrid cat, resembling a small Leopard aspect, It is the result of a domestic cat cross, with a cat half African serval and half Asian Leopard, According to Brodie, achieving the highest standards of beauty, height and domesticabilidad.

You can reach despite 12 kg, measure 1.10 meters in length and live 25 years.

The Savannah owners say they are very impressed with the intelligence of this breed of cat.

Oddly this cat can jump very high, This cat is not afraid to water, It is to swim next to its owner. These cats are reported as very sociable and friendly with new people and other dogs and cats.

Gato Savannah Gato Savannah Gato Savannah