Savannah cat


This race, It started as a crossing of an African serval and a domestic cat, It was produced in the Decade of 1980 by Judee Frank, a breeder's Bengali. In the Decade of 1990, Patrick Kellcy yjoyce Sroufe used a descendant of this crossing, along with new hybrids and short hair cats spotted domestic, to create the savannah, named by the natural habitat of the serval. This breed is thin and zanquilarga, with a standard that aims to imitate to the serval miniature. The serval is a relatively sociable wild cat, and the farther away are these cats from the crossing of origin, more household are in the nature. Despite this, the savannah is an active race, curious and not a pet for collectors of glassware and porcelain.

Visual guide to cats, Dr. Bruce Fogle

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