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A kangaroo and a wombat orphans: inseparable friends who share 'marsupio'

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Comodidad total: Anzac y Peggy.

Many theories say that opposites attract and it seems that they are right about something… Here is an example: ANZAC a baby Kangaroo bulging eyes has become the best friend of Peggy, a little cross-eyed wombat (or vombatido).

Both were rescued from neglect and loneliness by the Wildlife rescue Center KILMORE in Victoria, Australia and the day they arrived at the center they shared a sleeping bag and from there that unlikely union was born.

The charge of the Centre explained the birth of this strong love, by comforting posed for these small orphans movements and heartbeat of one into the other. We must not forget that they are marsupial, that is to say, They are characterized by having a short development in the maternal uterus and completing it by clinging to the mammary glands inside the marsupial bag or marsupium..

ANZAC was brought to the Centre after being rescued in the cordillera of Macedonia, After having been abandoned before they are ready to face only life. Arriving at the Center, Peggy placed together, that she also felt lonely and now the two sleep together, and it helps that he missed less their respective mothers.

A worker from the Center, Lisa Milligan, He says that these are small animals by weird as it may seem, they have similar personalities, ANZAC is very social and while Peggy is noisy and shameless.

It is not known if they will be able to maintain this love over time since the evolutionary development of each specimen is very different...

The love of these two beautiful animals photos…

Peggy, the little wombat will weigh each 30 kg and will have his characteristic clumsy movements, it will be the size of a small piglet… Peggy will surely not be able to keep up with Anzac, but even being clumsy if you need to pick up speed you will have some expertise.

ANZAC, on the other hand it will move much faster and will pop out so efficiently that it can reach high speeds, It will be much higher and they weigh more than her friend the gordita.

What we do know is that luckily, both are herbivores so they will not be a threat to each other or to each other and if their friendship remains they will be able to spend their days together side by side in search of fresh green leaves.

Source: Dailymail

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