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The Cheetah that behaves like a domestic cat

Jolie the Cheetah gets along very well with the family dog

These incredible images show the couple sharing their home with a pet leopard.

The large cat Jolie Angelina film star named and coexists with family Pienaar where often you can be eating at the kitchen table, dozing on the sofa, or screwed in the bed of the couple.

The great cat also eat, He sleeps and plays with another rather more conventional pet, a German Shepherd named Franky.

Magda Pienaar said that, Although he was initially reluctant to have a Leopard as a pet, Jolie is now one part of the family.

“I was really against the idea of getting a Leopard as a pet, said.

“Then one day I saw an ad in our mailbox about a cheetah auction.. I knew my husband would try to buy one, so i deleted it immediately.

But the efforts of the Sra. Pienaar were in vain, Since his brother attended the auction and took three of the puppies – including Jolie, the Cheetah finally sold to the Dr. Pienaar.

“We are happy with your purchase – She is part of the family”, said Dr Pienaar of 63 years of age.

Like its eponymous Angelina , Four-year-old Jolie, It has achieved the status of celebrity in the hometown of Bloemfontein, South Africa, where many tourists usually appear in the vicinity of the House of the Pienaars to take photos of the gueprdo.

“It has become a kind of celebrity”, said the Sra. Pienaar.

“On weekends people come here and take pictures. She loves to draw attention to a certain extent.

“After a while it begins to Growl and goes.

Jolie may be tame but the Pienaars say she still has some unfortunate habits.

“She often urinating everywhere and chew everything what want you. They are their wild instincts, “said Dr. Pienaar.

“Sometimes he carried in the car with our dog the game reserve. He loves to chase antelope.

Source: dailymail

2 thoughts on "The Cheetah that behaves like a domestic cat”

  1. Inadmissible, a cheetah must live in the wild that's how it is
    It would be much more happy
    This kind of article encourages people to do the same, which further promotes wildlife trafficking.

  2. Really admirable to know that even though predator Carnivore, apparently renoce human affection……It is a very dangerous situation, you never know when will leave his beast side…….All way if this holding and relationship makes them happy good for you, congratulations


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