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Wild animals as pets

Wild animals have as pets can bring us many problems.

There have been tragic news of how an orca killed his trainer, how a child was attacked by a Cougar, hours after causing the death of the child, and how a bull - bred as pets- its owner and killed. Which brings us to the question: Why these animals attack??
We must understand that wild animals are just that: wild. It is not that they are bad species but that its nature is another. Even though we try to humanize them they have other "chip" is not the live as pets.

The human being, long has sought to have fun using and challenging various wild animals. Just remember how is that at the time of the Romans they enjoyed among the so-called 'Gladiators' fights with fierce creatures, as it happened for example with the Lions. These animals were chained for hours, without food, to be released in a circus and fight human trafficking. Breathing blood and yet all this cruel show was celebrated by the people.

This obviously already not performed, but instead we now have many circuses where we see various animals doing tricks to entertain the public. Elephant kneeling, Lions are turning, seal clapping and a myriad of examples. In many developed countries prohibited the use of animals for this type of shows.

And it is that it is not fair that we forcemos an animal to do what the nature not forced him to carry out.

What happened with the orca has been a reaction of this in a situation of stress by the very fact of living in a small space that is not his natural.

Small approached the cell of a Zoo Cougar dangerously exposed to a bite that finally ended with his life. And how many accidents of this type exist because of people who approach both to an animal that are exposed to a reaction like this.

The Bull is not a pet, then even if its owner has been treated with love and care, for the animal it was not his "master".

An animal that lives in a space that is not its natural habitat means living under stress. Then take home a wild animal is not joke. At some point it will be the invoice, It may be through a bite, a scratch, a kick or another reaction that can be deadly.

Keep wild animals as pets can also be dangerous to the health of people. For example, parrots, parrots and macaws are carriers of an organism called Clamydias, that can produce psittacosis, disease characterized by severe respiratory disorders. Freshwater turtles used as pets, they are home to certain bacteria, as Salmonella sp, they produce serious gastrointestinal problems.

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