Honduran white bat

murcielago blanco

The Honduran white bat It is only in a few countries of Central America. With luck you can find in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and, of course, in the country which is named, Honduras. However, is extremely rare and, otherwise, is tiny – the largest examined have never exceeded the 5 26cm in length. Not only that, but his white skin has been developed for a reason: camouflage.

This species lives in primary and secondary forests, in groups of 4-8 individuals, they live in leaves of Heliconias, that builds a kind of shops, where they sleep and are protected during the day. When resting, is hanging together upside down in the center of the blade.

White pelage serves to reflect the green light that is filtered through the platanilla sheet. So they hide grouped, between the sheets, and is protecting predators that can attack from the ground.

Their main food are the fruit of a kind of higuerón (Ficus colubrinae) that grows in the country's primary and secondary forests; They also eat fruits of other species of plants.

It is likely that the Honduran white bat soon will be classified as a species in danger. Let us hope that conservation efforts are sufficient to ensure the survival of this unique species

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