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10 – Squirrel monkey. Price: 2.800 €

The canopy of the tropical forests of Central and South America is the home of the squirrel monkeys.
This primate is approximately the size of a squirrel, hence its name. The squirrel monkey weighs around 900 grams and are very sociable animals, affectionate and peaceful.

These characteristics make this little monkey a highly desired pet., However, as in most exotic breeds, many States do not allow that they are privately owned.

As exotic animal that is, should not be kept in captivity.

Mono ardilla
This primate is approximately the size of a squirrel, hence its name. The squirrel monkey weighs around 900 grams and are very sociable animals, affectionate and peaceful.

Mono ardilla
These monkeys are active during the day and rest at night..

Mono ardilla
These monkeys are active during the day and rest at night..
In captivity they feed on fruits and fodder for monkeys.

94 thoughts on "10 – Squirrel monkey. Price: 2.800 €”

    are you dumb or what are the people who want to buy ????
    what don't you understand ?
    asshole strip !

  2. If anyone knows of a squirrel bun than this little, because I would like to raise him and give him a lot of love since he was little, please let me know, I leave my Instagram: Iamlismary11 ❤️Thank you very much🇩🇴

  3. Good, I'm wanting to buy a monkey, I'm going to leave my number for him to contact me 8297570479

  4. I also want one.
    These types of animals are precise and precious acrobats (hence the nickname “Squirrel”).

    But, how can it not be understood?

    Do not tell me that they are going to take very good care of them as an excuse because no matter how hard they try, they could never give them the forest, not the family they need..

    I too would love to have one, Of course yes, they're adorable, loving, etc.
    I wish I could give him all my love and protection but… is that I fear that we have no right.
    I think we should not get carried away by that primary impulse, which brings us to:
    can we resist the desire to have one?

    Yes, Yes, Yes.
    Without a doubt, the best way to love him and give him all our love and protection is to leave him in his natural environment, free, in your forest and with your loved ones (they live in groups of dozens of individuals)

    There are many people in this world who need that love and protection that we treasure.. I believe that it is better to be employed in these tasks than in taking wild animals out of their environment and destroying their lives forever.

    Think that the monkey is you.
    You love to play sports outdoors, in the mountains and you cannot live without trekking, hiking, the climb, the mountain bike, etc.
    A good day, while you walk on the mountain, someone appears to kidnap you, puts you in a cage and takes you far from home, of your friends and family.
    you are very depressed, you don't understand what's going on.
    You were someone free but now you're a thing in a cage. A thing that is bought and sold.
    Then comes a buyer, takes you to another place and locks you in a room (at times in the cage or vice versa). The room is very small and the cage even smaller.
    And you will have to live there alone for the rest of your life with some strange beings who don't speak your language or understand anything you say to them..
    Doomed to be like this for the rest of your life, single, with no one to chat or play with, without being able to eat what you like, without a place where you can move the skeleton as you need it. You will never smell the forest or hear it again, nor to feel it,…
    But do not worry, not all is lost because you new “owner” He says that he loves you very much and will take good care of you…

    We don't own anything, neither of the land nor of the rivers, nor of the seas, nor from heaven, nor from the mountains,…
    We don't even own our own children.
    How could we own a little monkey?

  5. I want a squirrel monkey to love and take care of, please, I don't know if they can help me, I live in Colombia.

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  8. If you have at the moment young monkeys? Say baby? When can you be separated from your mother.
    Request for Info:
    What would a baby cost?

  9. Hello do not you answered the mail that I sent yesterday,When are you going to have baby squirrel monkeys? ?

  10. Hello, when are you going to have baby squirrel monkeys? ,I am interested in a male calf,Thank you

  11. Good Morning,

    If someone has a young saimirí monkey to sell in Spain, I would be grateful if you could contact me through the following telephone number. 607077105. Thank you

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  14. Hello,

    2800€ the unit or the 10 ? ♥ Even if I'm not interested in buying it , it's just out of curiosity.


  15. Hello,
    I already had a Saimiri a few years ago and today I would like to buy one again…
    Would you have a Saimiri available to offer me please to fill this huge gap..?
    Thank you in advance for your answer.

    Kind regards. Mickaà«l

  16. I am very interested in buying a couple of Saïmiri, If you can pass me info, Thank you in advance

  17. I am also interested in a saimiri, please, if anyone knows someone who raised these monkeys, I am willing to pay well for one of these.

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  22. Hello I am interested in having a squirrel monkey for four or five years, but no announcement that I see is really all are con artists who wish to qedar money and defraud you, for qu Istanbul I do not occur would like to send me some recent photos of the monkeys now and something that convinced me to make sure that it is true.
    A greeting and contact with me the more soon possible.

  23. Very good, my name is Antonio and me encontrava interested in buying two monkeys squirrel for this Christmas, I should like to inform me of everything, in terms of transport and payment.
    comment also,I'm Canary, If it produces some incombeniente.
    also wanted to know if;
    the monkeys have roles, chisp and vaccines?
    time to have?
    they have flight permission to travel to Spain?
    I could send recent photos of the monkey, as well as the pack says in the ad that comes with the monkey?

    a greeting and thank you

    • Good evening. It is a crime to buy exotic animals. No matter how well did my best to care for their children or they want for Christmas. These animals are taken from their natural habitats and suffer too. And better reflect adopt a cat or dog, those animals have been domesticated by man.


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