50 curiosities about cats

What you should know about your cat

If cats not soon come into contact with humans they may not be pets and grow as wild cats recelando us.
At five months a cat is an adult and self-sufficient. In the year, all the senses, muscle strength and physical coordination are fully developed.

Cat world is a treasure trove of curiosities, Here we present 50 of them.
Insurance to more than one will be unknown, others you will be curious and some fascinating

  • 1. If a cat lame you hands, the face or hair, take it as a great compliment: It is stingrays you to one of their "own"

    gato lamiendo tu mano

  • 2. If a cat will lie on your back to see you it means you have confidence, While in this position could not defend himself from an attack

    posicion de confianza de tu gato

  • 3. People who have cats live longer, they have less stress, and they have fewer heart attacks

    beneficios de tener un gato

  • 4. Cats believe that they are the owners of the House where cohabits with the human

    El gato es el dueño

  • 5. When a cat rubs against you, It is because you are marking as part of its territory

    gato frotándose

  • 6. A cat almost never communicates with a "Meow" to another cat, This sound uses it to communicate with humans

    lenguaje de los gatos

  • 7. If a cat he raises the tail and keeps it fully stretched upwards, means that you are waving

    la cola de los gatos

  • 8. If your cat is sick and no longer wash, wash it your, that can lose the desire to live only to see dirty and forgotten

    aseo de tu gato

  • 9. Up to four colors or tricolor cats, they are exclusively female

    gatos tricolores

    With three colors black fur, Red and cream- (carey range) and four when they wear the White. Given the particularity, the Tricolor and cuatricolores, they are only females, in extrañísimos cases of some male, These are sterile.

  • 10. Cats make them more attention to women than to men, because they react better to a sharp tone of voice

    los gatos y sus relaciones con las mujeres

  • 11. Cats do not include punishment, but the rewards when doing something good

    el castigo en los gatos

  • 12. Cats have excellent night vision

    visión nocturana de los gatos

  • 13. Cats sleep in 16 - 18 hours a day. But still asleep, they are alert to any stimulus

    el sueño en los gatos

  • 14. The cat walk and run by moving the front legs and back on the same side. Only the camel, the giraffe and the cat have this peculiarity

    el andar de los gatos

  • 15. Cats hate the smell of the Orange and lemons

    olores desagradables para los gatos

  • 16. After eating the cats wash immediately

    aseo de los gatosIt's a survival instinct which leads them to act as predators do not smell the food and thus they can be attacked

  • 17. The ancient Egyptians afeitaban eyebrows as a token of mourning when her cat died

  • 18. Cats purr has the ability to calm themselves when they are sick or frightened

    ronroneo de los gatos

  • 19. The majority of white cats with blue eyes are deaf, unless they have a different color to the other eye

    gatos blancos y sordera

    This is in part, There is a higher percentage of cats with deafness.
    The gene for deafness, It is a characteristic of white cats gene, is called w tongue and is the cause of white and deafness in cats. Not all white cats are deaf, they are only showing this gene. The gen w It makes the cat is white although their genes say it is a black cat, or brown, This gene has the particularity of "masking" the rest of the colors to make them white. These cats also tend to have blue or green eyes.

  • 20. The black cats are generally quieter than whites, which are always very nervous

    caracter de los gatos negros

  • 21. Just as humans have fingerprints and they are they are unique, the design of the cat's nose pad is unique, There are two cats with the same design

    la nariz de los gatos

  • 22. The language of cats is composed of even tiny hooks, it help to tear food. Why she feels raspy touch skin

    la lengua de los gatos

  • 23. Chocolate is toxic to cats

    el chocolate en los gatos

  • 24. Among the curiosities in cats, are your ears. Cats are ultrasonic

    oido ultrasónico de los gatosThis means that you can listen to inaudible frequencies for you. How which?? As the sounds of rodents used to communicate.

  • 25. The whiskers of the cat periodically fall and regrow

    los bigotes de los gatosHis movement and the sense of orientation of the animal affects disappearance. For this reason, It is important to not cut them

  • 26. Can a cat live his entire life in the interior of a House??

    Los gatos en casa

    The answer is if.
    A study has shown that the average lifespan of cats living in the interior of a House, It is much larger than the cats living in the street.
    Even though cats can live his life in the interior of a House, We must get it breathes the fresh air. A good window or a big balcony, will delight your cat, You can go out to breathe fresh air. But remember that you to have a cat at home, You must have space.

  • 27. Them cats may be of 3 - 7 kittens every four months and during his lifetime, a cat can have 100 kittens

    Camadas de los gatos

  • 28. As a curiosity in cats, There is a plant that fascinates.

    Olores agradables en los gatos

    Do them enjoy sublime moments for a few minutes. It's about the catnip Mint also called cats, the family of the thyme and lavender. Her perfume triggers a behavior in the animal, similar to a female in heat

  • 29. Cats like to sleep with the dorsal recharged in something, This is to prevent someone behind them

    Postura para dormir de los gatos

  • 30. His heart beats twice as fast, that the human beings

    El corazón de los gatos

  • 31. The cat has 32 muscles in each ear, functioning as a sort of steerable parabolic antennas towards the source of the sound

    las orejas de los gatos

  • 32. The cats also have stress

    El extres en los gatosCats have stress, the way in which release it is scratching objects in a vertical position, They relax as well because this stretching activates blood circulation and tones your body due to the stretching that occurs

  • 33. Each cat has their own Meow and purr

    lenguaje de los gatosCan cats have a similar purr, but nevertheless there is always a difference.

  • 34. The cats see colors. However, the number you receive is limited and depends on the amount of light

    Visión de los gatosFor this reason, during the night are black and white, but they better distinguish objects and distances.

  • 35. The legend of the 7 lives

    Las 7 vidas de los gatos

    Due to that many times come to survive serious falls. This is due to the wonderful ability of turning around in the air and landing on all fours.
    It is said that some cats that have fallen low floors, they did not fall “perfect” due to the rapid acceleration and lack of time to put in the correct position to cushion the blow. On the other hand, cats that have fallen from flats more high, Although they suffered fractures, being able to have time and prepare for the coup, they managed to cushion the fall so that it is not fatal

  • 36. If a cat saved its tail between its back legs, It means that it has accepted a defeat or that he is still sub

    La sumisión en los gatos

  • 37. To draw the attention of a cat, Click the language repeatedly fast good

    Chasquido de la lengua en los gatos

  • 38. The cat is instinctively a Hunter, But if his mother not teaches while harsh parenting, will never be a truly effective

    Instinto cazador de los gatos

  • 39. Superstition has heard a cat sneezing is good luck

    El estornudo en los gatos

  • 40. The toilet of the cats

    El aseo de los gatos

    Cats spend to the bathroom many times of the day, before or after any activity or lie down to sleep, they begin to clean up, and is a sign that this relaxed, But if cleaned frequently may be have heat.

  • 41. A curious fact is that the females tend to have better vision than males

    Visión de los gatos

  • 42. It is possible to teach a cat to give leg as if he were a dog, but brainwashed patience to succeed

    Enseñar a dar la pata a tu gato

  • 43. Cats cannot perceive odors in the mouth

    El olfato de los gatosIn addition to do with the nose, cats smell with a body, called Jacobson, located in the upper part of the mouth.

  • 44. Most of the cats are attracted by menthol (pills, toothpaste etc.)

    La pasta de dientes en los gatos

  • 45. Cats lose almost the same amount of liquid in the saliva while they clean, as if it orinaran

    El aseo de los gatos

  • 46. Its territory

    El territorio de los gatos

    The males usually have a sharp sense of ownership. They mark their territory with a strong whiff of his.

  • 47. Cats have 18 fingers

    Los gatos tienen 18 dedos

    Five on the Forelegs and four in the rear. However, There are cats by a 'genetic defect' with a couple of extra fingers back legs.

  • 48. In domestic cats the purr has a frequency between 25 and 150 vibrations per second

    El ronroneo en los gatos

  • 49. The taste buds of the cats do not detect the sweet flavors

    Los sabores dulces en los gatos

  • 50. Some cats reject their young and up come to eat them

    Las gatas ante sus crias

    The rejection occurs more frequently in kittens that are born ill or with some congenital defect. Mothers noticed a strange behavior in their young, they do not recognize them and decide to ignore them. In some cases the rejection can cannibalism: eats the placenta and the umbilical cord chew, and you continue until you reach the breeding.

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