8 – Savannah cat . Price: 2.800 € – 7.000 €

Gato Savannah

The Savannah cat, is a hybrid cat, resembling a small Leopard aspect, It is the result of a domestic cat cross, with a cat half African serval and half Asian Leopard, According to Brodie, achieving the highest standards of beauty, height and domesticabilidad.

You can reach despite 12 kg, measure 1.10 meters in length and live 25 years.

The Savannah owners say they are very impressed with the intelligence of this breed of cat.

Oddly this cat can jump very high, This cat is not afraid to water, It is to swim next to its owner. These cats are reported as very sociable and friendly with new people and other dogs and cats.

Gato Savannah Gato Savannah Gato Savannah
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