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A harness for your dog and peaceful Christmas

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Whenever it lurks in December, I have in mind a recommendation that… because of whistles and flutes I never arrive in time to share it, but this time I decided to beat time and here we are.

As you know, approaching Christmas and with them the Fireworks, or to put it another way, the terror begins for our beloved four-legged friends. Is true that there are dogs or you flinch with the Christmas bombings, but it is also true that the vast majority have a hard time.

In my personal experience, each time that reaches the half of November, comes the struggle to leave House, the pull of the dog that in spite of being small (is the Westie illustrating this entry) you have to apply a lot of newtons to move it two centimeters. Yes…, makes you look totally ridiculous.

Ever, taking a walk, suddenly it rang a Christmas Fireworks and see the dog shake like a Reed, pulling for all side as crazy and once to fly out and stay with the collar in your hand, it was the moment when we did without hesitation something that we thought… buy a harness. I assure you that we have all won...

There are many sites where you can buy it, I did it in the online pet shop Zoobio.es, a place with a good ratio quality / price, In addition to selling of all a little.

The harness in these cases it is ideal, in the first place because you take away the fear of choking your pet, There is no danger! The pull force goes to the trunk, which gives you and the animal when you're afraid.
So, just having sat down to share this with all the people who pass by here, today I feel like a fulfilled person… Last year I was late.

I hope my advice is useful to you and that you have a merry Christmas and a good start to the 2017.

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