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Posted by pets | 7 August 2012

This was a bulldog dog after fight with a porcupine

Bella Mae, born three years ago in Oklahoma, learned a lesson he will never forget.

As soon as they received the animal in her Office, veterinarians decided to make him aemergency surgery to extract the sharp thorns of your head and your feet.But while already it is recovering from the attack that suffered some of the pinsthey were within the body of the dog.

Jerry and Noles Allison, the owners of the Bulldog, They explained that this was playing with other pets close to the pond in your home the 29 last July, When met with a Porcupine. This despite the fact that this type of Bristly rodent, slow and passive, tends to move during the night.

The Allison family believes that the Porcupine visited your pond drinking water because it is becoming scarce in Oklahoma. And they also think that Bella Mae was placedtoo close of its aggressor, What provoked your anger and the subsequent attackstabbing.

Doctors from the Emergency Animal of the mentioned American City Centre carried out a hard working on the operating table to remove the spines of the face the Bulldog, the neck, legs and chest. The dog was lucky that None of these petty hit on your eyes.

For its part, the veterinarian Leonardo Báez said that “I had never seen a horrible attack of a porcupine against a pet. He had only observed some greyhounds and hunting dogs that had come into contact with them, but this does not happen very often, especially here in the city”.


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