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Posted by tiadoc | 9 August 2011

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The Bulldog Currently he is a dog known for having a good humor.
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The race Bulldog or English Bulldog, It was initially used for betting in dog fights, during the 17TH century (in 1835 This practice was banned in England). In the news, This dog is one of the symbols of England.

Its origin is in the «ancient Greek dog», Kelb Thal Bulldog, or bulls Maltese dog: an imported breed to England, with ancient mastiffs crossed gave rise to the Old English Bulldog.

The Bulldog of yesteryear was lighter and more similar to the Boxer that the chubby Bulldog of today; was a purely sporting animal. It was used in the creation of other races as: Bullmastiff, Boxer, Bull Terrier, and some hounds as the Beagle's old type. As a fighting dog was an animal that only accepted the challenge of greater such as bears animals, bulls and even Lions.

The origin of the name is due to the fact of being a dog butchers, namely, its function was to run the bulls, to believe so their meat was smoother. Although it is likely to be a deformation of the name Dog Band or 'Dog Aguerrido'.
It must be borne in mind that the old Bulldog have nothing to do with the current, they were only modified with crosses with other breeds such as the Pug and Carlino; race of which the Bulldog inherited its flattened snout as well as his plump muscles.

Former Bulldogs were dogs of varied appearance, sometimes dogs elongated snout and all colors. It has to be taken into account that the former Bulldog was a working animal by which attached great importance to the character.

Physical characteristics

A more accurate definition of the name of the race “Bulldog”, Deconstructing the English word into Spanish “Bull = Bull” and “Dog = dog” We would be faced with the definition of “The Bull Dog” in past years was what was used… fights with Bulls.

The Bulldog is a breed that is characterized by thick shoulders and a head large in proportion to their body. Generally thick folds of skin on his forehead, followed by a few black, large, round eyes. It has a short snout with folds above the nose, with a pendant Chin under neck, along with drooping lips and sharp teeth. Its pelage is short, smooth and elegant red color, Beige, white, striped (color mixing, sometimes in irregular stripes) and various colors of these.

The standard of weight and height varies according to country, but in general terms and averages, These dogs are usually measured in 30 to 40 cm. and weigh in 18 to 25 Kg. Some dog breeds need them they cut off the tail or her call after birth, the bulldogs are the few races that have naturally short and curly tail. A long, upright tail it is flaw in a Bulldog.

Bulldog - Standard FCI
Character and skills

The current English Bulldog is an animal exhibition of beauty competition-oriented. It´s Intelligent, clean and very gentle; is an excellent pet.

Despite his famous expression of bitter, the Bulldog are very docile, they can move very fast over short distances. They are kind although sometimes capricious, the phrase “stubborn as a Bulldog” in part describes his personality.

Breeders have worked to soften the more aggressive nature of the race; Currently he is a dog known for having a good humor. These can be very attached to the family and do not venture without company her due to her friendly nature to get along with their members and with other dogs or pets.

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  • Otros nombres: English Bulldog / Bulldog Inglés
  • Group 2 / Section 2 -Molosoides and mountain dogs

Dogs breeds: Bulldog

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