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The Bulldog Currently he is a dog known for having a good humor.



The race Bulldog or English Bulldog, It was initially used for betting in dog fights, during the 17TH century (in 1835 This practice was banned in England). In the news, This dog is one of the symbols of England.

Its origin is in the «ancient Greek dog», Kelb Thal Bulldog, or bulls Maltese dog: an imported breed to England, with ancient mastiffs crossed gave rise to the Old English Bulldog.

The Bulldog of yesteryear was lighter and similar to the Boxer than the chubby current Bulldog; was a purely sporting animal. It was used in the creation of other races as: Bullmastiff, Boxer, Bull Terrier, and some hounds like him Beagle old type. As a fighting dog was an animal that only accepted the challenge of greater such as bears animals, bulls and even Lions.

The origin of the name is due to the fact of being a dog butchers, namely, its function was to run the bulls, to believe so their meat was smoother. Although it is probably a deformation of the name Band Dog or «seasoned dog».
It must be borne in mind that the old Bulldog have nothing to do with the current, they were only modified with crosses with other races like the Pug or Carlin; race of which Bulldog inherited its flattened snout as well as its plump musculature.

Former Bulldogs were dogs of varied appearance, sometimes dogs elongated snout and all colors. It has to be taken into account that the former Bulldog was a working animal by which attached great importance to the character.

Physical characteristics

The Bulldog is a breed that is characterized by thick shoulders and a head large in proportion to their body. Generally thick folds of skin on his forehead, followed by a few black, large, round eyes. It has a short snout with folds above the nose, with a pendant Chin under neck, along with drooping lips and sharp teeth. The big legs give an idea, how strong is the dog that you have to deal with. Even a well-trained bulldog with an ideal weight seems to the uninitiated observer that it is a dog with excess pounds. He's really muscle loaded and he shouldn't have fat on his ribs. All this translates into a very powerful and imposing appearance.

Its pelage is short, smooth and elegant red color, Beige, white, striped (color mixing, sometimes in irregular stripes) and various colors of these.

The standard of weight and height varies according to country, but in general terms and averages, These dogs are usually measured in 30 - 40 cm. and weigh in 18 - 25 Kg. Some dog breeds need them they cut off the tail or her call after birth, the bulldogs are the few races that have naturally short and curly tail. A long, upright tail it is flaw in a Bulldog.

Character and skills

The Bulldog is friendly and courteous. There is hardly a quadruped that is so unconditionally dedicated to humans. Greet his family and all the people he has brought to his heart at some point in his life with exuberant warmth. It´s, in its most, a cool guy who can't be bothered by anything so quickly, not by a barking dog or by the vacuum cleaner running through its muzzle. But it can literally explode in an instant when it seems necessary. Then shoot like a rocket towards the front door and pile up with a dark bass in front of the alleged troublemaker.. In this situation, literally goes through the wall. The direct path is then his creed.

But do not worry, the Bulldog can be controlled and bite accidents are practically impossible. When you realize you've scared a friend, almost ashamed. Once the “danger”, he lies down comfortably on his couch again seconds later and growls like nothing happened. At these extremes his mental heritage comes out once again. The Bulldog has a sovereign character, making it the ideal companion even in hectic big cities and a balm for our often stressed psyche.

Care “Bulldog”

The Bulldog has no special demands on your posture. It is a frugal and low maintenance companion, as long as you are healthy. The most important thing is that you feel the love of your humans. Can be easily kept in a small apartment as long as it has its place on the sofa with a cushion. This is sacred to him. But there shouldn't be many stairs to climb. He loves his daily walks, you also need to stay fit, and is a smooth companion when traveling or in the restaurant. The Bulldog behaves perfectly and can also be left in the room for a few hours.

However, when is hot, you have to let her rest. Be careful that you are not physically or mentally stressed. You should avoid long car trips even with air conditioning. In all other respects, it is perfectly suitable for traveling. The majority of the Bulldogs they love to travel by car. Since he doesn't have a strong hunting instinct, you can walk with him relaxedly through the landscape, what he also likes Bulldog. You have to control yourself with food. The majority of the Bulldogs they are voracious eaters, they empty their bowl in no time and then look at us with an innocent expression: “Than, Thats not all, I'm supposed to starve here?” Being overweight is bad for your health, even in the Bulldogs.

No special coat care necessary; occasional brushing is good for fur and psyche.
Regular cleaning is necessary in case of exaggerated wrinkles.

Nutrition / Food

The Bulldog he's a greedy dog. He hurriedly empties the bowl and then asks with a disapproving look if that was all. In the interest of your health and your tendency to be overweight, must keep short and always watch the total ration of sweets included. It is advisable to feed the English Bulldog with high quality food with a high meat content.

Life expectancy

Due to over-exploitation and exaggeration in its appearance, the Bulldog has a life expectancy of only 6,3 years according to the statics of the Kennel Club leading the standard. A typical serious breeding Bulldog without exaggeration can easily reach the 10-12 years.

Health “Bulldog”

There's probably no dog, ni ningún animal, that was so deeply shaped and unfortunately deformed by us humans. This caused considerable health problems. In 2009 the Kennel Club of London, who is responsible for him, revised the standard of Bulldog in the sense of a healthier upbringing. Among other things, nose wrinkles are expressly prohibited. Unfortunately, these regulations are largely ignored in breeding. Natural births are a rarity and mating is increasingly being replaced by artificial insemination by the vet. The Bulldog healthy is very easy to care.

Many Bulldogs suffer from a deformation of the respiratory tract, it doesn't allow them to breathe freely. As a result, the heart is occasionally overloaded. In addition, inflamed wrinkles, entropion (eyelid turned inward) and narrow ear canals are frequent clinical pictures of the Bulldog. It also tends to cause allergies..


The basis of your education is a relationship of love and trust with your master and caregiver. Humans must take their stubbornness and occasional stubbornness with humor.. Otherwise, we have a problem. Not a receiver of orders. However, you need clear limits and rules that must be strictly followed. Because when you want something, can be very stubborn. The Bulldog wants to please his people, but check the meaning of each order. If you don't want something, there is no way to enter. The only way to enter is by asking. But then he will do what he is asked. A relationship of trust, a good understanding of your individual personality and respect for him can be the basis of an extremely harmonious team, where the Bulldog follows its caregiver with only facial expressions and eye movements.

Ideal family dogs

The Bulldogs they are ideal family dogs. Social integration in the human family and participation in his life is the greatest for him. Also for us, the humans, her warm affection is always a source of joy, smile and good mood. Does not have an innate behavior, like the herding or protective instinct, it could become problems. It is an ideal playmate for children. Although at first glance it seems a bit awkward, he is surprisingly kind even to young children. Also gets along well with other pets.

Buy a “Bulldog”

Find a Bulldog healthy is not easy
Buy a puppy from Bulldog it's not easy. Although there is a wide range of offers on the relevant Internet portals, these are mostly dubious. Many of the Bulldogs offered there come from multipliers in Eastern Europe or even Germany. Breed dogs have a miserable life and puppies often show their illnesses already days after purchase. This can become a very expensive matter, not to mention suffering. The Bulldog seriously bred is an expensive dog to buy, precisely because their upbringing requires a lot of effort. Please, buy your Bulldog only from the local breeder from long ago, preferably breeders with all certifications. Take a close look at the breeder: Serious breeders like to show you their breeding dogs and document the health and age of their ancestors.. But it is also recommended to take a look at the refuge – there may be an opportunity to offer a Bulldog a new home. The puppies of a serious breeder cost from 2500 EUR. No special maintenance costs are necessary, but the Bulldog has a high risk of disease and therefore a high risk of cost.

Characteristics "Bulldog"

Coexistence is important that you have with your new friend. Before considering the acquisition of a dog of the breed "Bulldog" you know certain factors. Not all breeds of dogs are apt to live in an apartment, You must take into account their character, their need for exercise, their interaction with other pets, your care and if you have young children, their level of tolerance towards them.

Adaptation ⓘ

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Dog friendly ⓘ

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Hair loss ⓘ

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Affection Level ⓘ

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Exercise Needs ⓘ

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Social Needs ⓘ

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Apartment ⓘ

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Grooming ⓘ

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Stranger Friendly ⓘ

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Barking Tendencies ⓘ

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Health Issues ⓘ

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Territorial ⓘ

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Cat Friendly ⓘ

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intelligence ⓘ

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versatility ⓘ

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Child Friendly ⓘ

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Watchdog Ability ⓘ

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Playfulness ⓘ

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Type and recognitions:

  • Group 2: Pinscher and Schnauzer - Molossian breeds - Swiss Mountain and Cattle
  • Section 2.1: Molossoid, mastiff type. Without working trial.



FCI breed standard "Bulldog"

FCIFCI - Bulldog

Alternative names:

    1. British Bulldog, English Bulldog (English).
    2. Bulldog (French).
    3. Bulldog (German).
    4. Bulldog-inglês (Portuguese).
    5. Bulldog inglés (Spanish).
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