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Benefits of personalized dog food

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What is a healthy dog ​​food?

Our food Pawt is formulated with your dog's health in mind. This means we combine a colorful range of rich ingredients with the nutritional building blocks to help your dog grow up healthy and happy..

1 easy to digest

The switch to dog food Pawt makes your dog's digestive system work better. No more unpleasant smells.

2 Fewer calories

there's nothing better than this: healthy dog ​​food that meets your dog's energy needs, but with fewer calories.

3 lots of nutrients

It is important that your dog receives enough nutrients with the vitamins and minerals he needs. Our dog food contains: – Vitamin C, E y B – Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids – Legumes – botanical extracts – Condroprotectores, prebiotics and probiotics – proteins …

4 Adequate fiber content

Our personalized dog food contains a variety of fiber-containing ingredients. These fibers contribute to a healthier lifestyle and a smoother bowel movement. Among them are fish oil, the Apple, vegetables and rice.

what makes us unique?

We understand how important your dog's health is to you.. That's why we strive to offer the best and healthiest food for dogs. When feeding the dogs with food from Pawt, contribuyes a:

  • A strong immune system
  • shiny fur
  • strong joints

Advantages of personalized dog food

Many problems can be avoided by feeding your dog a healthy diet.. Improper dog food can lead to excess waste products and poor gut flora. The right bacteria in food is also important for a good intestinal flora.

  • fewer skin problems
  • Better defenses
  • shiny fur

our ingredients

The composition of the feed depends on the profile of your dog. Discover our high-quality ingredients here:




Fish oil

Fish oil






personalized dog food Pawt provides your pet with all important nutrients and reduces the risk of nutrition-related canine diseases, oversupply or undersupply and growth disturbances.
Our personalized dog food is characterized by the high quality of the raw materials: grain free, military, sugar, gluten, artificial flavors, preservatives or other additives.

Customization of the recipe taking into account the characteristics and conditions of your dog.

In Pawt, your dog receives an individual diet that is optimally adapted to its needs. From your race information, age, the weight, activity and other features, we use our portion calculation to calculate the exact nutritional needs of your pet.

Based on simple questions, our algorithm suggests the ideal meal and portion size. Do you want to change the grain size, flavor or recipe? You can contact us at any time.

Our personalized feed Pawt includes many advantages added to the quality of our recipe:

  • Customization of the recipe taking into account the characteristics and conditions of your dog.
  • Periodic free visits to your trusted veterinarian from the 2nd order.
  • Recipe formulated and prepared by veterinarians and nutritionists.
  • high quality feed.
  • Natural and fresh ingredients, minerals, vitamins, condroprotectores.
  • Does not contain waste or scrap as a source of protein.
  • Professional and personalized advice.
  • Free continuous assistance by WhatsApp Easy and comfortable method for you and good for your dog.
  • home delivery. You don't have to carry it home… No subscription.
  • The client does not subscribe to Pawt, but he buys whenever he wants. Affordable.
  • From the workshop to home without intermediaries.
  • High quality feed at a good price.

Do you have any questions or would you like some personal advice on the best food for your dog?? Our team of experts will be happy to help you.

a personal advisor Pawt accompanies you throughout the life of your pet. Guides you in the introduction of the new feed, solves any doubt regarding your nutritional plan. Receive the feed comfortably at home. From the workshop to home, without intermediaries. The highest quality for less than you imagine. Taking care of your dog has never been easier. So you don't worry about anything other than having a good time with your best friend… good for your dog, easy and comfortable for you.

We want to give you a sense of security and therefore we transparently display the full declaration and explanation of all the ingredients used..

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