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The Bloodhound It is the dog with thinner smell of the planet.
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The Bloodhound (St. Hubert Hound) It is a breed of dog originally from Belgium, more specifically in the region of the Ardennes. It is one of the different breeds of hound recognized by the FCI in Group 6.

Has been traditionally considered to the monks of the monastery of St. Hubert as the creators of the race (for this reason also, are known as St. Hubert Hound), and they based their selection on the hunting dogs used by the monk Hubert, founder of the order and which later to be canonized became the patron saint of hunters. King William the Conqueror took copies of this breed to England when he ascended to the throne. The descendants of these specimens, they were known in the country as Bloodhound, referring to the purity of their blood.

This legend has it that a rich nobleman hunted in a good Friday accompanied by a group of noisy dogs, in the distance he saw a deer and when he was about to shoot it was drawn the image of the cross of Jesus Christ in his antlers and since retired from his dissipated life to devote his wealth to good works. Since then usually give the nobles, the best specimen of his beloved dogs. Today the tradition continues, but now is a religious service and gives blessing to copies, continuing with the exposure of the race in the community of St. Hubert at Belgium.

After the race was introduced in the United States where one of his missions was the search and hunt down the fugitive slaves. For many years the recognition by a Bloodhound was considered proof incriminating by American courts.

Physical characteristics

The Bloodhound is a powerful hunting dog. The back is very strong compared to the size of the dog. The head is long and narrow. The muzzle is long with a nose of black. The deeply sunken eyes and drooping eyelids. The Chin is very pronounced.

The Bloodhound is the dog with thinner smell on the planet.

Despite its size, is an agile dog. His body is longer than high. In the head and Chin wrinkles are perhaps one of the most characteristic features, along with the length of its hanging ears. The accepted colors are black and fire, Brown and red in its different shades and fire.

The appeal is of 67 cm for males and 60 cm for females.

Character and skills

It has been documented that they are able to follow a trail of up to 15 days, because of the enormous sensitivity of their sense of smell, caused by the internal folds of their nostrils. For this reason is used as a police dog in tracking work.

These hounds cannot be kept in a yard without fences. There is a good chance that your tracker instinct carried them wander and get away until the end of their trail.

It is a dog that needs to be exercised (like all dogs), and usually live more happily in large spaces, Although adapts very well to home life.

The Blodhound, Despite the allusion to the term blood contained in its name (blood), It is one of the animals most affable that exists. It is a dog of noble nature, It can be shy with strangers. It is very patient and persevering if looking for a trail you want…

It is excellent Playmate for children, defend them from any danger. They tend to be very well with other dogs and pets.

Bloodhound pictures
  • Alternative names: Chien de Saint-Hubert / St. Hubert Hound / Sabueso de San Huberto / Bluthund
  • Group 6 / Section 1.1 – Hounds of large size

Dogs breeds: Bloodhound

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