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    Posted by pets | 28 November 2012

    - Psychrolutes marcidus

    The species Psychrolutes marcidus, best known for fish drop, smear fish, Pez sapo or Janira, It is without a doubt one of the fish more ugly from the ocean. These saltwater fish have what resembles a large nose and appear to be frowning. Its length is about 30 cms. Found at extreme depths off the coast of Tasmania and Australia. For this reason the drop fish is very difficult to see in its natural state.

    Fish drop has the ability to withstand the high pressure of these depths because your body is actually a gelatinous mass with a density slightly less than the water of the sea. This gives you the ability to float and swim on the seabed without hardly spending power.

    They are not very active. In fact, most of the food, sea urchins, molluscs and crustaceans, simply floats next to them. This deep-water fish, simply pick and choose what to eat. Drop fish are often caught in trawl nets, What makes it an endangered species and is currently in danger of extinction.

    A strange in the drop fish fact is that playing sit on their eggs until they hatch.

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    4 comments on “The strange fish drop
    1. Aissa Rouk says:

      is cool but at the same time foul

    2. Aissa Rouk says:

      WA frisa

    3. John says:

      Matenlo… Is asking that they kill him!

    4. alessa says:

      which it is the stage of growth of the fish???

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