The moment in which an Eagle capture an alligator


The moment in which an Eagle captured a crocodile on the banks of a river has been captured by a British wildlife guide.

A baby crocodile, When they are well developed expected is at the top of the food chain, It has become lunch for a hungry bird.
The Osprey, you usually eat birds and small mammals, grabbed the hapless crocodile of the Nile with its sharp claws to then take flight with prey.

The Safari Guide, Mark Sheridan-Johnson, of 32 years, He was raised in Tanzania, but whose parents are from Newcastle, the sequence of images he captured on his day off in the Selous game reserve.
“I didn't have any clients that day, so I was driving in my Land Cruiser in search of interesting wildlife to photograph”, Sheridan-Johnson said.

“In nine years of safaris Guide I never imagined to see this unusual behavior.
“I have seen the Osprey on the sandbar with something in the peak.
“I realized that it was not a fish, and that it was actually a West Nile crocodile. The Eagle was quickly removed from the objective but I have a couple of shots of the same flying.
“I think this may be solitary Eagle learned to hunt crocodiles.
“Without a doubt, I knew what he was doing”.

Via: Telegraph

Photos: (Mark Sheridan-Johnson / Barcroft)

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