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Kitten rescued and adopted by a small Shih Tzu

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Shih Tzu

A dog breed Shih Tzu rescued a small kitten and became her adoptive mother.

Representatives of a protective of animals in Anderson, South Carolina, they thought the little Shih Tzu's barking was due to her being trapped in a ravine.

It turned out that the dog was there with the intention of protecting a little kitten..

Members of the protective fell by fill and found at the Shih Tzu among tangled branches with thorns. Looking more closely, they realized that the Shih Tzu had a little friend. A kitten that fed on the dog's milk. The scene was endearing.

The dog never wanted to abandon her protégé. Both were taken to the L.A.P.Y refuge. Anderson County (Anderson County PAWS), where it stays together.

The continuous response to kitten bitch, as if it were your own puppy. At the end, This heartwarming couple was accepted in a host House, where are still living together and happy.

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