Shih Tzu
Chinese Lion Dog or Chrysanthemum Dog

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu (Chinese Lion Dog or Chrysanthemum Dog) It is a very ancient breed of dog (the first data found on them date from the 10th century to. C.) originating in China. There is an opinion widely about his origin, but often give acceptable they are descended from similar Tibetan dogs Lhasa Apso.

As the Lhasa Apso, the Shih Tzu is a breed linked somehow with the Buddhist religion. The Chinese bred them and primped so they seem somewhat Lions. Even the name of the race, “Shih Tzu”, means “Lion dog”, which is usually blamed on the strong and deep bark of these animals.

They were highly prized in China as guard dogs.

In the 17TH century begins the story of Shih Tzu. The Dalai Lama, wanting to fill of gifts to the Chinese emperor, He gave some examples of this breed. Ending the 19th century, TS' us-hi, Empress who was the grandmother of the last emperor, It was a great admirer of Shih Tzu and therefore had more than one hundred and specialized caregivers. When in 1908 the Empress died, Shih Tzu suffered a blow.

At the beginning of the 1930s, He began to creep into houses of Chinese elders, leaving the ivory tower. And in that time he received some names: Lhasa Lion Dog, Tibetan Poodle, etc. And in 1934 Peking Kennel Club was founded.

In 1937, the invasion of China by the Japanese was the reason for the disappearance of Shih Tzu in China, their country of origin. But, Luckily, Europeans had already are fond of this breed, that in 1955 began to be extended by United States.

After her appearance, the Shih Tzu replaced to the Lhasa Apso as the favourite dogs of nobles and emperors. Travellers visiting the Eastern country during that time brought the fashion of these small and hairy dogs to Europe and, later, to America, where made a strong impression. In the modern era, the fashion of the Shih Tzu faded, and after the Communist revolution the dog breed was considered extinct in China, Although he had already penetrated deep into West.

All the genetic heritage of the Shih Tzu comes from seven pairs of dogs, including a Pekingese, that through the efforts of several historians have been able to be identified.

The Shih Tzu should take care of them with time and patience.

The care of the hair is that more time required, It has to be brushing it and wash it frequently. But how much more often brush you and are desenrede hair, less time will have to dedicate to each session. It is best to brush him a boar bristle brush, because we have to do it with the appropriate instrumentation, and then finishing the job with a comb of wide tines. Dogs that take to the streets less often should bathe them once a month and the dogs that are normally, once every ten days, using gentle liquid shampoo for some and for others. In addition, have to untangle the hair to avoid more knots before put it in the bathtub, and that the knots are already more tighten water. It should also be combed out of the bathtub, and secár with care. Beware of your hairstyle Recalling that it is a dog and not a toy.

You must be careful, also, with food: they are delicate stomach dogs, normally they do not accept well anything else other than dry food. Veterinarians recommend give milk without lactose because many of them cannot tolerate.

The head of these dogs is small in proportion to the rest of your body, and eyes, black (and rarely even blue or brown) they are always huge, so there they deserve special care if you want to avoid health problems.

Her hair is long and very dense, but never curly (are allowed a bit of undulation), and it can be of all colors, Although it is more normal to the front and the end of the tail are white. The ears are large and pendants, and they have so much hair that seem to form a whole with the hair in the neck.

The snout is short and flat, sometimes causing them breathing problems; for example, is quite common that they ronquen soundly. The average length of life of this dog is fourteen years, However, a Shih Tzu that has been well maintained and has not had major health problems can live about twenty-three years, in the case of one of the longest known dog breeds. Their colours can be white, Golden, black, liver, Silver, Red or brindel. The Shih Tzu are animals which by its type of hair do not give allergy allergy sufferers.

Throughout its growth they tend to become more loving especially with children, and they are not physically very high stature (they measured a maximum 26,7 cm and weigh in 4,5 to 8,1 kg) and they have fairly long hair which may be of different colours and is generally straight although he may have a small ripple. It has short legs. They are relatively small dogs. This dog tends to be tender and loving even with strangers.

Dogs breeds: Shih Tzu

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Rosiris Oñate
1 July, 2016 1:39 pm

I'm intereza in a female Shih Tzu, Please price, time, and warranty
I will be careful

12 July, 2012 3:02 pm


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