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Make 10 years his dog guided by 71 floors to escape the twin towers

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Omar Rivera and his labrador dog

The 11 in September of 2001, like every day the Colombian engineer Omar Rivera arrived at the Tower 1 the Word Trade Center complex. His Office on the floor 71 was in order and was pretty. As each day did not come alone, his dog labrador Salty accompanied him, engineer Rivera is blind.

Suddenly; The hit!!! The Tower shook, immediately Salty altered, came some strange sounds like cries of people mixed with metals are departing for an amoledor. "Salty"… ran from side to side, cried… then he took the leash and asked his owner to put it on him he was telling him let's get out of here now!!!

Engineer Rivera as many found a place to theirs in the United States.UU, in New York City where you can be moved by his dog and if your dog does not does not enter the.

There were two other people in the office who decided to march after that always elegant dog, always polite and obedient.

Floor 71: 9 floors above death had been installed in the form of a human missile, Starry aircraft carrying people.

On the stairs already reigned chaos, orders and contraórdenes but Salty progressed without showing credentials, wearing something precious… his master besides himself.

Everything was confusion, fire up that they spoke of a fire, Salty progressed and his golden hair recortaba on the stairs.

On the floor 50 they were arrested by security personnel who requested “passes” and he distrusted the blindness of Rivera, a few licks from Salty ended the search and they continued; They didn't know yet that they were marching towards LIFE, or did they??

Going out was a triumph, but there only sirens and screams of people could be heard, police and firemen, It was then that labrador undertook the race without responding to the orders of his master, They hadn't gone two blocks when a rumble similar to an earthquake was heard above the sirens and shouts as a heavy cloud of indefinite color moved towards them like a sweeping hurricane..

The rest is known history.
On 5000 missing (official information) Maybe seem nothing this chronicle.

I wanted today to bring this to “Another look” just ask me and ask them. If an animal takes care of the species human, why do we kill each other?

And more than ever in this time: “WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT AND THE DIFFERENCE ENRICHES”.




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