Historia de una cría de osa polar con sus padres adoptivos

It seems incredible: the best friend of Canadian Mark Dumas is a polar bear named Agee.

Mark, Tamer of profession, adoptó a Agee cuando ésta tenía solo un mes y medio, the osa is now 16 years, weights from 380 pounds and measure more than 2 metres in height.

Mark and Agee are so linked that they play, give kisses, Miss the NAP and even swim together. Dice Mark que las únicas personas que le caen bien a Agee son él y su mujer Dawn.

El oso polar es el carnívoro terrestre más grande del mundo, in nature it is extremely dangerous.

Polar bear females average size: of 175 kg to 300 kg. (of 350 kg to 500 kg before giving birth)

Average height of polar bear females: 2 m.

Average size of polar bear male: of 400 kg to 600 kg.

Average height of polar bear male: 2,40 m.

Record weight polar bear: 1000 kg.

Source: thesun.co.UK

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