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Black Russian Terrier

The Black Russian Terrier, need plenty of exercise, and it can be hyperactive and destructive
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The Black Russian Terrier, in Spanish Terrier Ruso Negro (in Russian: Чёрный терьер), abbreviated as BRT, known, also as dog of Stalin (Sobaka Stalina), It is a breed of dog developed to serve as a guard dog and dog police.

The breed was recognized as such in July of 2004, by the American Kennel Club.

Despite its name, Black Russian Terrier, is not a pure Terrier: It is believed that they were used around twenty races in its development, including (among others) to the Airedale Terrier, the Giant Schnauzer, the Rottweiler, the Newfoundland, the Ovtcharka and the Moscow water dog, now extinct.

Physical characteristics

The Russian black terrier much more resemble a Schnauzer that to a Terrier. The head is long, with flat front. The strong muzzle. The eyes are small and dark. The trunk is solid. The limbs are straight and muscular.

Black Russian Terrier, gives the impression of great strength, agility and value. It is a robust dog, rustic in appearance (but not fat), and it must not appear as if his hair was sculpted or trimmed, must see bright in nature, and slightly curly.

The coat is hard and dense, is not very smooth to the touch, It is as curly and the length of the hair will be of 4 to 10 cm.. The longest hair found in the beard and eyebrows, with a mane (not very dense but longer than the rest of the body) What, extends, slightly, the cross and the neck, most pronounced feature in males. The coat is low detachment and the color is black with some gray hair.

According to the FCI standard (1983), the male must have a height of 66 to 72 cm to the cross and the female of 64 to 70 cm., with a tolerance of +/- 2 cm.. They must weigh between 35-70 kg.

Physical characteristics

Black Russian Terrier, is a safe dog, quiet, very intelligent, brave and loyal. It should never be shy. Black Russian Terrier may appear distant, or perhaps independent, but in their basic needs, is the human company and love of his family.

It is a healthy dog in general and their life expectancy is around the 14 years.

Black Russian Terrier, due to her upbringing as a working dog, has a very strong instinct worker (“the work ethic”), and that is why it is good to provide the animal some games to understand work roles, will be so happy.

Initial training is a necessity, that you will take advantage of any owner who has not been able to establish a domain course. They are very sensitive to education and often Excel at obedience competitions. Also, they are very good in various dog sports, such as agility.

Black Russian Terrier, need plenty of exercise, and it can be hyperactive and destructive if it does not have the opportunity to burn their energy.

Black Russian Terrier pictures
  • Alternative names: Russkiy Tchiorny Terrier / Russian Black Terrier / Terrier noir / Schwarzer Terrier
  • Group 2 / Section 1 – Tipo Pinscher y Schnauzer

Dogs breeds: Black Russian Terrier

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