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The Karjalankarhukoira o “Perro de osos de Carelia” es una raza de perro autóctona de Karelia and Finland. It has traditionally been used as a hunting breed. Posee un característico pelaje de color blanco y negro y está perfectamente adaptada a las duras condiciones climáticas de esta zona de Escandinavia.

La raza tiene un pelaje llamativo la capa exterior es de pelo rígido y duro, and the inner layer is covered by soft hair and a high density. The hair is smooth, without curls. The color is black with white spots. Often, as the jet black hair, It is lightly dyed Brown at the edges, as in gradient.

El perro debe estar en excelente condición física. The males measure of 54 a 60 cm to the cross , While the females are smaller than in 49 a 55 cm..

Según registros arqueológicos, the Karelian (que son muy similares a los Laïka Ruso-Europea) existían en el norte de Europa del Este y Escandinavia, desde el Neolítico.

The Karelian was used mainly for hunting small animals, as the squirrels and the Marten. Like the Norwegian Elkhound, the Karelian, It was also used in the hunt for moose, Lynx, wolves and, as its name suggests, the Eurasian brown bear hunting (a kind of so big and aggressive as the Grizzly Bear).

They are silent but tenacious hunters and only alert when they are on acorralada prey. It will remain in his post, intentará distraer y aturdir a su presa hasta que llegue su amo y finalice la cacería.

His nature of hunters leads to proper socialisation is essential and that education from early stages of their development.
They must always hunt only with their masters.

They are very loyal to their masters, love to play, but must be observed if there are children around since, playing..., to not measure his strength can push to the more small. Is very rare that a Karelian, muerda a un humano pero sí matará a otro animal, If you feel threatened.
They are very social, to be hunting dogs they need plenty of space to run freely, and get plenty of exercise. If you bored, they can be destructive, either try to escape.

They are very territorial and very guardians, adapt to the home life but if they walk and exercise daily.

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