Long-haired or fringed Sighthounds

Group 10: Sighthounds – FCI

  • Section 1: Long-haired or fringed Sighthounds

  • Section 2: Rough-haired Sighthounds

  • Section 3: Short-haired Sighthounds

The breeds of this group are divided into 3 sections, according to morphological criteria (coat type):

Section 1. Long-haired or fringed Sighthounds (3 races)
Section 2. Rough-haired Sighthounds (2 races)
Section 3. Short-haired Sighthounds (8 races)

But, not all breeds of sighthounds are included in this group 10, since some primitive breeds of sighthounds or similar (Pharaoh Hound, Cirneco dell'Etna, Ibizan Hound,…) are included in the Group 5.

Standard – classification FCI

  • Group 10: Sighthounds
  • Section 1: Long-haired or fringed Sighthounds.
  • 1 Afghan Hound

    Afghan Hound

    The Afghan Hound It behaves so haughty and reserved, especially with strangers


    The coexistence that you are going to is important

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    2 Borzoi – Russian Hunting Sighthound


    The Borzoi It is an affectionate and obedient dog with the master


    The coexistence that you are going to have with your new one is important

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    3 Saluki


    In the Middle East a Saluki You can never be sold, You can only give away in signal estimation.

    The Saluki, commonly known as “Real dog

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