Long-haired or fringed Sighthounds

Group 10: Sighthounds – FCI

  • Section 1: Long-haired or fringed Sighthounds

  • Section 2: Rough-haired Sighthounds

  • Section 3: Short-haired Sighthounds

The breeds of this group are divided into 3 sections, según criterios morfológicos (tipo de pelaje):

Section 1. Long-haired or fringed Sighthounds (3 races)
Section 2. Rough-haired Sighthounds (2 races)
Section 3. Short-haired Sighthounds (8 races)

However, no todas las razas de lebreles se incluyen en este grupo 10, ya que algunas razas primitivas de lebreles o similares (Pharaoh Hound, Cirneco dell'Etna, Ibizan Hound,…) se incluyen en el Group 5.

Standard – classification FCI

  • Group 10: Sighthounds
  • Section 1: Long-haired or fringed Sighthounds.
  • 1 Afghan Hound

    Afghan Hound

    The Afghan Hound It behaves so haughty and reserved, especially with strangers

    “Afghan Hound”

    Also known as Tazi is a dog

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    2 Borzoi – Russian Hunting Sighthound


    The Borzoi It is an affectionate and obedient dog with the master

    Dogs are mentioned in 17th century publications, with those who

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    3 Saluki


    In the Middle East a Saluki You can never be sold, You can only give away in signal estimation.

    The Saluki, commonly known as “Real dog

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