Milly, a chihuahua from Puerto Rico, the smallest dog in the world

La chihuahua puertorriqueña Milly
The Puerto Rican chihuahua Milly - Photo: EFE

6,35 centimeters in height and 170 g. of weight, make the Puerto Rican chihuahua Milly, supposedly the smallest dog in the world.

Milly just have little more than three months old, Although it has maintained the same weight since the third week of his birth, which suggests that you pluck the record to the chihuahua Boo Boo, the State of Kentucky, USA, considered the most tiny can of the planet so far, with 10,16 centimeters in height.

Owners looking for the Organization of the Guinness records book Milly as the dog to recognize more tiny planet.

Eizzil Rivera, one of the caretakers of the small can, in statements to the agency EFE, stresses that at the same age of the Puerto Rican dog, Boo Boo was more than twice as large and that your pet is already within the second phase of growth, ranging from three to six months, the last that can record changes, as in the third--of the six months of the year- These are practically null.

“Despite its size Milly feeds well, even more than it is supposed that it should for its size”, According to the caretaker, but when he was born had to be fed with a “dropper” that milk was introduced in the mouth.

“Milly was so small that it could not breastfeed because of the tiny size of its mouth”, He tells Rivera on a dog which is normally separated from its sister Cocoa, his mother Prada and his father Narciso.

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