“Nero”, the French bulldog walking on wheels

Buldog francés

Las ruedas permiten al bulldog francés moverse con total autonomía tras quedarse inválido por una hernia discal. ÓSCAR VÁZQUEZ

The vet recommended sacrifice after a herniated disc, but the owners of the Vigo can would not

There is a dog in Vigo (Pontevedra) going on wheels. It's called Nero and suffering paralysis in his back legs. It was a bulldog francés very uneasy that it always pulling their owners when they drew it walking down the street. Pero un día sufrió una hernia discal que le dañó la médula espinal. The poor animal was bedridden and unable to move because he lost sensitivity in the back. El veterinario les dijo a los dueños que no había nada que hacer. Sacrificing it was an option, but they, a family residing in the Centre of Vigo, se resistía a acabar con su vida.

Le habían cogido tanto cariño después de tres años, It was one more at home. «Preferimos no sacrificarlo, es un ser vivo», comenta Guillermo Díaz del Río, its owner.
At the beginning they took it to the street with a harness. Pero había que sujetarlo a pulso, lo que suponía un esfuerzo muy grande y apenas podía dar unos pasos.

La solución al problema de movilidad del perro les vino de un músico cubano que colabora con el refugio de animales de Cambados y que localizaron en la clínica veterinaria Peniche, de la calle López Mora. Kike Minaberriet is a very creative saxophonist and, as good Cuban, It is used to manage with few means to get ahead. Así fue como valiéndose de un cubo y de una tabla de cortar fabricó un carrito con ruedas sobre el que Nerón recuesta sus piernas inmóviles y se desplaza sin problemas utilizando únicamente sus patas delanteras.


Kike measured the legs of the dog and made him a prosthesis that fits to perfection thanks to some specially designed for animal hooves. It is not the first time that creates a tool of this type, always using recycled materials. Other animals that were abandoned at the shelter after accident, They also recovered the mobility thanks to their ingenuity.

Nero has already become famous in the area of the Ecuador Street. Beyond through which leaves no one indifferent. Every step that gives its owner, they stop you to ask them about the history of Nero and the curious contraption that lets you move. The dog walks alongside his master carrying strap, or just scamper through the Park and play with other dogs. Su autonomía es total. Eso sí, to get home they removed the invention so you can rest. Y hasta el día siguiente.

Source: SMH

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