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Posted by pets | 11 January 2012

Walk them in strollers and bags

The four-legged creatures are walking, they are not a subject to be taken by their owner wherever they go. Take them in a stroller or a bag is to steal their valuable time exercise.

3 comments on “Walk them in strollers and bags
  1. Lourdes says:

    the cart or the bags is not for the sake of the mascot, It is so that it will not disturb the wonderful human, Since their feet dirty Street and our not .
    So you can go on vacation without having to leave the dog in the car for hours, or leave it in a residence dog.
    Obviously you should never forget that they must walk whenever possible and on holiday always there to look for a place where they can run freely, otherwise my dog when we take all day strolling around a city is the, who asks you to upload to the backpack to rest.

  2. Jose Antonio says:

    Lucky to have that their dogs can walk perfectly… MY DOG GOES ON SHOPPING CART LIKE THAT BECAUSE YOU CAN NOT WALK WELL!!!!! If it had been properly reported it would realize that carts descriptions specify perfectly are designed for dogs who have difficulty walking. What I was missing already! If I don't have to explain already enough every day when I go with my dog, over to find me with pages that write these nonsense! Why no one questions that you take a person in wheelchair? Enough thinking that the animal must treat it as an animal happens what happens…

  3. Pets says:

    Cases like yours are exceptional. For those cases no objection, good for you that you care about your dog.

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