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Walk them in strollers and bags

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“The Absurd Trend of Walking Our Pets in Strollers and Bags: A Reflective Criticism”

In the modern era, The relationship between humans and pets has reached new heights of intimacy. But, A trend that has recently emerged has left many in disbelief and questioning the logic behind walking our beloved pets in strollers and bags.. Beyond the adorable appearance of a dog or cat wrapped in luxury, This practice raises questions about the real need to carry our pets in this way.

1. The Nature of Animals:

dogs and cats, by nature, They are active animals that crave exercise and exploration. Walking them in a stroller or bag limits their natural instincts, denying them the opportunity to feel the grass under their paws or explore the world through their senses. This practice goes against the very essence of having a pet..

2. Disconnection between Owners and Pets:

Walking our pets is not only a physical act but also an opportunity to build an emotional bond.. When transporting our pets in strollers and bags, the direct connection and communication that occurs during a traditional walk is lost. Interaction and joint exercise are essential to building a strong relationship between owners and their pets..

3. Ridiculous waste of resources:

In addition to the lack of benefits for pets, Walking them in strollers and bags also implies an unnecessary waste of resources. The pet products industry has capitalized on this trend, flooding the market with a variety of luxurious and expensive options. This material waste is not only unnecessary, but also contributes to the broader problem of overproduction and waste.

4. Social Isolation and Stigmatization:

This peculiar tendency can also contribute to social isolation for both the owner and the pet.. Walking a pet in a stroller or bag can lead to strange looks and judgment from other pet owners. Instead of fostering social interaction and a sense of community among animal lovers, this practice often results in stigmatization of those who choose it.

5. Healthy and Beneficial Alternatives:

Instead of confining pets in limited spaces, There are healthier and more beneficial alternatives. Traditional walks allow animals to enjoy mental stimulation and physical exercise. It also, encourage interaction with other animals and nature, promoting comprehensive well-being.


Walking our pets in strollers and bags can seem like a charming trend, but it is crucial to reflect on the implications it has for nature and the well-being of our animal companions.. Instead of succumbing to superficial tendencies, We must remember the very essence of having a pet and commit to providing them with a full and enriching life.. The next time we consider putting our faithful friend in a luxury stroller, let's remember that, Perhaps, the best thing for them is to allow them to experience the world with their own paws.

3 thoughts on "Walk them in strollers and bags”

  1. Lucky to have that their dogs can walk perfectly… MY DOG GOES ON SHOPPING CART LIKE THAT BECAUSE YOU CAN NOT WALK WELL!!!!! If they had been informed correctly, they would realize that in the descriptions of the carts it perfectly specifies that they are designed for dogs that have difficulty walking. What I was missing already! If I don't have to explain already enough every day when I go with my dog, On top of that, I find pages that write this nonsense! Why no one questions that you take a person in wheelchair? Enough thinking that the animal must treat it as an animal happens what happens…

  2. the cart or the bags is not for the sake of the mascot, It is so that it will not disturb the wonderful human, Since their feet dirty Street and our not .
    So you can go on vacation without having to leave the dog in the car for hours, or leave it in a residence dog.
    Obviously you should never forget that they must walk whenever possible and on holiday always there to look for a place where they can run freely, otherwise my dog when we take all day strolling around a city is the, who asks you to upload to the backpack to rest.


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