Dog saves his puppies of fire leading to firefighters

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"Amanda" challenged the fire to take their puppies between their jaws and move, one by one, a chariot of fire to keep them safe.

A small dog has caused astonishment and admiration in the Chilean Temuco city to save from fire to her five Cubs of only ten days of life, to those who rescued one by one between flames and transferred them to a car fire fighting fire.

The press of that town, - 672 kilometers to the South of Santiago, stands out today as “heroin” the dog “Amanda”, one of the puppies he suffered burns and is serious in a Veterinary Clinic of the city.

The episode occurred during the Thursday afternoon, When fire hit a house in the neighborhood Santa Rosa, whose owner, Omar Torres, He also suffered some Burns while trying to rescue some belongings and he was admitted in the Temuco Regional Hospital.

While firefighters fought the flames, “Amanda” challenge the fire to pick up their children between their jaws and move them, one by one, a chariot of fire to keep them safe.

One of the puppies, However, He was hit by the flames before being rescued and suffered burns of a serious nature in the abdomen and the snout area, today said the veterinarian who treats them, Felipe Lara.

“There are four of them super well, without Burns, but one fell when they were rescuing him and presents several burns in the abdomen, the mouth and lost tired skin, the truth is that it is complicated”, said Lara to the portal

He added that when the animals entered in the clinic, mother “not caught (not served) the puppies that were healthy, She looked after was wounded, I just wanted to be with him and biting everyone so do not take it”.

According to Lara, It is not uncommon for animals to defend her cubs. “They understand the threats, If you see fire and smoke, more noise, the hustle and bustle, take it as something dangerous for their puppies and so saved them”, explained.

“It gives fed up with cats, Sometimes they stop in hidden places and carry their puppies everywhere”, complemented.


EFE – Santiago of Chile

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