Ciccio, the dog who waits daily in the Church for its dead owner


The dog had been rescued from the street and adopted by María Lochi, He died two months ago. Since then, the wait daily in the temple where she attended, the Church of Maria Asunta, in the town of San Donaci, in Puglia.

Ciccio, a German Shepherd's 12 years every day you are going to the Church which was his mistress, He died two months ago, and stays there for several hours at the wait for her return.

The place is the Church of Maria Asunta, in the town of San Donaci in Puglia. The dog continues to visit the place, waiting for the return of his mistress. “Just listening to the bells or get the hearse, the dog enters and remains in the coffin as if the owner could resurrect”, said a witness to the Il Messaggero newspaper.

Ciccio was a dog that was in the street until the deceased woman, Maria Lochi, rescued him and adopted. “Protects it all the people, feeding and petting as an emblem of faithfulness”, added the witness. The strange behavior of the animal made that the cure of the workplace napping an exclusive space in the parish so that he can be quiet.

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Firefighters revived a dog smothered in a fire in Texas

ARLINGTON, Texas. A bitch, in North Texas, This morning you are recovering after the firefighters rescued it from a fire in your home.

Arlington firefighters found to Leah, so the dog is called, After putting out a fire on Sunday. The dog was literally dead. In the course of an hour they provided five bottles of oxygen in an attempt to revive her.
Their hard work paid off and Leah raised his head and looked at his rescuers.

A veterinarian says that Leah will recover completely.

Buttons and Kitty: Gata and rescued a bitch that believe themselves to be “Sisters”.

Two puppies, Kitty cat and Buttons a bitch Jack Russell, inseparable friends share every day in your home"Battersea Cats and Dogs Home"a United Kingdom animal rescue Center.

Daily Mail, the British newspaper published this news accompanied by a series of photos that we convey the love between Buttons and Kitty, do not separate a moment! They eat, they play and sleep together… They are divine and inseparable.

The truth is that your little one last "abandonment" unites them in a special way, Buttons, She was evicted by her mother for being the smallest puppy of the herd, the mother of Buttons - at the same time- It was handed over to the Center by the owner when learned that she was expecting eight puppies..., I could not afford and abandoned her in Battersea Cats and Dogs Home; Kitty, for its part, It does not enjoy a story better..., days after birth Buttons, This pequenina appeared wandering through the gardens of the Welcome Centre, and as experts say it had just two days of life.

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One of every three abandoned animals is a puppy

I talked about it to the problem months ago involved the abandonment of pets, not only by what this vandalism Act is already in itself, but because in addition in many cases demonstrated that it is put at stake the lives of other people.

I was referring to a study that had made theDirectorate-General for traffic new window (DGT) in which they told us that the invasion of animals on the road caused more than 12.000 traffic accidents in 2008 on Spanish roads, of those who 2.899 they were caused by abandoned dogs, it caused 168 victims (a dead man, 26 serious injuries and mild 141heridos).

Starting with these shocking data, tell you also that the 33% the animals abandoned in Spain each year are from unwanted litters of puppies, as he has told us the National Association for the defence of animals (ANDA).

And although the measure proposed sounds like something lasts, Perhaps it can be a path more than help to resolve the problem. To combat this problem, the Association commitment to subsidize the sterilizations. "It ensures that Spain would squander billions Euros with its mistaken policy of abandoned animals collection".

According to ANDA, the crisis "is is noting also in the field of animal protection", "Although not so much on the increase in the number of animals abandoned in the decrease of aid".

According to, many municipalities have decided to deal with the collection of animals abandoned to private enterprises "normally choose to slaughter the animals within the time limits established by law", "before that can be adopted".

ANDA considered that administrations "them it would much more profitable to subsidize the sterilization of pets". With this, avoidance of unwanted litters, "that one of every three retirements in Spain is a puppy".

"While we do not act in this sense", "Spain will be presenting one of the highest figures for abandonment of pets in Europe and we will have to continue funding the collection and sacrifice of thousands of animals in a vicious circle without end".