Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier

This breed of dog named after the Reverend John (Jack) Russell. Born in 1795 in Dartmouth, England, He was pastor for many years in the parish of Swymbridge, in the County of Devon. The Terrier lover, During his studies in Oxford he bought his first dog these features, a white female wire-haired with markings on the head called Trump, that the description and photo of it kept resembles the current standard FCI of the Jack Russell Terrier.

Fox hunting was very practiced in the County of Devon in the era in which lived the Reverend Russell, and he was passionate about this activity. His passion led him to the breeding of dogs. Like this, began to cross hunting dogs, more exactly, different races unicolores and multicolored Terrier. What he wanted was to improve the ability of the copies, not homogenizing the physical aspect of them and thus to the die left no specific standard. The crosses and the standardization of the race have led to differences of opinion about the current aspect of the Jack Russell Terrier.

It should be noted that Australia was the country which contributed actively to the development, and subsequent recognition, This race around the world. In 1972 officially formed the Jack Russell Terrier Club of Australia. This specialized club instituted a compressive registration system with a formal standard for the breed. This club also began discussions with the Kennel Council Club of Australia about the ability to recognize and register to the race. The 25 in October of 2000, At last, the Federation Cynologique Internationale (Division Europe) recognized officially and definitely the breed Jack Russell Terrier from Australia standard.

The Jack Russell Terrier is an agile dog, Despite its small size it has great strength and endurance.

It is a working Terrier, is always alert, is independent and tenacious, He loves digging wells. In that regard should be vigilant if we have a very arregladito garden. But despite his hobby is an excellent companion dog for active and adventurous people.

Its basic and dominant color should be white (a minimum of 55%) Although it may be brown spots, toast or black in various parts of the body. Her hair can be of three types: smooth, hard or medium, depending on the type of hair to present will be brushing, the same care and maintenance. Its average cross height is between 25 and 30 cm., its weight is between 5 and 7 kg. Live an average of 15 years. They tend to be around between 4 and 6 young, and their gestation lasts 2 months.

They are very active dogs, inquisitive and vivacious so he required open spaces where exercise for, Like this, be able to give free rein to his inexhaustible energy and insatiable curiosity. They require a constant training, consistent and patient that enables them to stimulate his acute intelligence. They are not recommended dogs for sedentary people, first-time owners or families with very young children. Can train it for lots of activities, especially if you use their natural tendency to jump, trace, pursuit of prey and digging deep: they are excellent hunters of rodents and vermin.

Also them has been used successfully as actors, fact that has earned them conquer the popular sympathy because dogs are hard to beat charisma weapon.

To be a working and hunting dog, submit natural tendency to bark to be able to indicate the location of their prey, also cavará with determination on par to used their jaws booting pieces of grass and Earth for, Like this, to open a gap that allows you to introduce underground where its goal, I could go from a bone buried by another dog to corner directly to a Fox in its burrow.

The bark and dig are some of the qualities most appreciated in this Terrier, Although, Ironically, they can become a serious problem in the hands of inexperienced owners or with little information about its nature. Hence emphasis on exercise and train on a daily basis do not begin to display annoying behaviors such as: barking excessively, trying to escape from the garden, digging deep holes in undesirable places, destroy plants, hyperactivity, aggressiveness, etc. A recommended alternative, It will not only delight of this Terrier but that also allows you jump and run, is registering Agility courses.

Jack Russell Terrier

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