The pangolin


Manis is a genus of folidote mammals in the family Manidae, commonly known as pangolins. They have large scales covering most of his body. They are found in tropical areas of Asia and Africa.. Wikipedia

A Leopard kill to survive, and sorry for compassion

A Leopard kill to survive, and sorry for compassion [vídeo]

What seems to be a smart male dance between two giraffes, It is indeed a brutal struggle for a female


What seems to be a smart male dance between two giraffes, It is indeed a brutal struggle for a female. Photographer Dana Allen

Eyes Golden duck babies leave the nest for the first time


His correct name is tufted Icelandic Bucephala islandica. Goldeneye in English referred to by Barrow Goldeneye.
This duck lays its eggs in a hole in a tree to protect them from predators. Sometimes, the tree is near a Lake. Shortly after the chicks to be born, su madre los guía desde el nido al lago.
Photo: tiWinterfell (Reddit)

A koala to soak


This koala was sleeping in a tree when he was abruptly awakened by a gardener who decided to irrigate their trees. Matt Wilkinson said: There was a heatwave at Adelaide (Australia) recently and the temperatures reached 40 c. Usamos los aspersores y mangueras de jardín para mojar la casa y los árboles de alrededor para evitar un incendio forestal, but when we irrigate one of the trees, This koala appeared steeped. Era un día caluroso, así que estoy seguro de que ayudó al koala a refrescarse.
Fotografía: Matthew Graham Wilkinson

Band of chimps kill their alpha male

Aldin injured1

El líder de un grupo de chimpancés salvajes fue atacado recientemente por cuatro de sus subordinados, those who joined forces to win a battle to death. It is rare that chimps kill their alpha male – y este evento ofrece una visión poco común de la estructura del grupo en nuestros parientes más cercanos.

Aldin injured2

As of the year 2007, PIMU proclaimed alpha male of a group of chimpanzees who live near Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania. His Government had a violent end in October of the 2011 – el momento fue capturado en vídeo. Stefano Kaburu from the University of Kent at Canterbury, United Kingdom, and his colleagues investigated the incident and conducted an autopsy the body of Pimu (American Journal of Primatología ,

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The turtle that rides on the jellyfish

Tortoise gold

Esto es en realidad una relación simbiótica localizada en el Pacífico Sur y en el Índico. La tortuga oro a menudo cabalga sobre las medusas para conservar energía cuando viaja por el océano. A su vez, the turtle eats various parasites and organisms that may be harmful to the jellyfish.

emperor penguins – The most devoted mother nature's parents.


It is the beginning of the summer in the Antarctic and the chicks are two months old – lo que en términos de pingüinos es la adolescencia. As all teens, they are desperate for “make your own” con otros pingüinos de su misma edad. Surrounding them, los padres crean una guardería, that is a good way to keep an eye on them.